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    The Best New Stuff From ASOS This Week

    Just throw it in the bag. All of it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    If y'all are like me, you can shop every week. And considering fashion sites are always adding new stuff every week, it can become overwhelming for the uninitiated.

    1. A dope denim shirt dress that makes you look effortlessly fly.

    2. A two-tone belted midi dress made for the powerful bad bitch you are.

    3. An elegant white wrap top you'll want to slay in everyday.

    4. A purse belt that stays by your side so you don't ever lose your shit.

    5. A frisky mini frock dress for those boho-chic days where you couldn't care less about others' opinions.

    6. A set of square toe heels you can freely move in for hours at a time.

    7. A fly AF oversized button down that works in any office culture.

    8. A taupe tote bag you can carry your life, hopes, and dreams in.

    9. A button front printed dress for timeless '60s vibes.

    10. A slinky wrap bodysuit that goes with everything.

    11. A sexy mini skirt to strut your fierce and fabulous legs!

    12. A halter mini dress when you need to show out at the all-white affair.

    13. A wool beret to live out your wildest Parisian dreams.

    14. A minimalistic rust jumpsuit that will have you out of the house in a flash.

    15. Some curvaceous high-waist tapered pants that are polished and cool.

    16. A pair of cat socks that are paw-sitively puuur-fect.

    17. A glam pair of rose gold heels to dance the night away.

    18. A pair of slithery earrings that are sure to make a hissss.

    19. A cheeky playsuit for that perfect date night with your boo thang.

    20. A rose print tee that reinforces just how badass you are.

    21. A check design tailored coat for brisk fall days or super Instagrammable moments.

    22. A pair of nude peg pants that go with everything in your closet and accentuate that waist, honey.

    23. Some chunky white sneakers to get you everywhere you need to go in style.

    24. A starry print top so you can feel like a celestial fashionista whenever you want.

    25. A pair of tassel earrings that sway in the wind when you strut.

    26. A green faux leather you'll want to wear with every outfit and live out all your biker dreams.

    27. A chic print swing dress that's perfect for date night.

    28. These striped wide leg pants that are just as comfy as they are fabulous.

    29. A stylish clutch to hold everything you need when you're at that fancy-shmancy gala.

    30. A multi-layered necklace that gives you the illusion of four necklaces at a time.

    31. An abstract looking face logo shirt to prove you've been paying attention in Art History.

    32. A blue wrap maxi dress perfect for the girl boss in the C-suite.

    33. A dazzling midi dress that'll steal the spotlight in any room.

    34. A simple pair of black loafers you can dress up or down.

    35. A checkered headscarf to spice up any casual outfit for the lazy girl.

    36. A cute stripe wide leg jumpsuit perfect for ev-ah-ree-thing.

    37. A colorblock sweater for lazy days when you still need to look poppin' for the gram.

    38. A stripe design denim jacket with a personality all its own.

    39. A multifunctional suede backpack for all the retro gals and funkadelic guys.

    40. And this abstract wrap midi dress that looks like a literal work of art.

    So what are you waiting for?! Get to shopping!