Mindy Kaling Recreated Beyoncé's Vogue Cover And Now Everyone's Doing It

    We want more flower crowns, and we want them now!

    Beyoncé didn't just serve black girl magic on her September Vogue cover, but she made us want more flower crowns and headpieces (shoutouts to Frida Kahlo, the OG flower queen).

    Actress, producer, and overall badass Mindy Kaling decided to recreate the image and throw her own flavor up in the mix. She named it "Pad Thai, Vogue Edition" (We need this to be the title of a book!), and people on Twitter followed her lead with their own reinterpretations.

    Prasanna Ranganathan shared an adorable childhood photo of themselves, tweeting that they had been "unsuccessfully trying to channel my inner Beyoncé since 1981." Baby slay:

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC So awesome! You are rocking it Mindy! Last week I found a childhood photo of me and I posted it alongside Queen Bey’s Vogue cover with this caption: “Unsuccessfully trying to channel my inner Beyoncé since 1981.” #QueenBey #Beyonce #BeyonceRocks https://t.co/r5demplkSO

    Hamdia Ahmen posted this beautiful side by side with Queen Bey, and we just need a moment to bask in this:

    Guys, I have been scared to post this picture of me , but here it is. I gained so much confidence and I am proud of myself for feeling beautiful and confident. I hope Beyoncé is proud of me. Inspired by Beyoncé Vogue Cover. 😊❤️ https://t.co/uzAcdRgPCb

    Casey Gates served up angles and showed off her "#ladybrain:"

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC I call it my #ladybrain

    This mommy-daughter duo shined in their flower crowns for a beautiful and serene maternity shoot:

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC I guess I’ll join the trend. Ps. I’m no longer prego’ I’m Beyonce ALWAYS! _________________________ How cute is my daughter? 😍 https://t.co/SMO1bSzFvy

    And these cousins looked fab during a wedding:

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC Love this!! My beautiful daughter in my gorgeous niece’s wedding. @k_noelle1 rocking the Bey Vogue look!! 👑 https://t.co/A8yui2t8Jt

    This twitter user showed off the crown she and her friends wore to the On The Run II concert:

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC 🐝 Since Beyoncé loves them so much, my friends and I wore flower crowns to the #OTRII concert I went to in Columbus last week. Mine is a smaller version but I loved it, they're so cute to wear! 🌺 https://t.co/UeQgzpYATv

    And countless others just wanted to share them living their best life, flower crown-style:

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC Ok but this was from over a year ago

    Whew child, these angles? Look at this cut crease:

    I couldn’t stop thinking about Rihanna’s cover of vogue and that of Beyoncé’s so i decided to do something about it,in a way that speaks me https://t.co/HYcGtmRDFs

    A flower crown and a glass of wine is definite goals:

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC Can I join?

    Or just posing in a garden, casually slayin':

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC I was ahead of both y’all last year

    Understated WHERE, sis? This is better than anything we could ever do:

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC Love this, I’m joining in 😜 Well @mindykaling your tribute to @Beyonce September @voguemagazine cover is impressive 👍🏽 - I’m #British 🇬🇧 so I went a little understated and of course roses 🌹 My chum #ZebraSusan wears flowers in her hair all the time #EnglishRose https://t.co/97kWYEFV2V

    And what better way to show off the crown than a side profile:

    @mindykaling @Beyonce @voguemagazine @LaLigneNYC My version circa 2016 #beyonce #vogue

    Share your flower crown pics down in the comments for us to see, and tag us in them on IG @asis!