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    Women Shared Wild Text Messages Men Have Sent Them And Whew, Child, My Edges Are LIFTING

    I'm about to just put my phone on DND for 2020.

    Have y'all ever received a wild text message? Like, a text message that had you stop and do a double take?

    On Twitter, PR and social media manager @WizMonifaaa asked people what's the wildest text a man has ever sent them, and y'all...I need something stronger than this tea!

    1. First, this guy who received unexpected well wishes on his engagement:

    Good Morning, what’s the craziest text a man has ever sent you? I’ll begin:

    2. This guy who wanted to share his final goodbyes:

    3. This guy who realized some convos are just weird to explain:

    4. Please make it make sense:

    5. This guy who went on a rant just so he could get kinky:

    6. Not on Christmas Day, y'all:

    7. This guy who decided to take back his previous statement:

    8. He tried to hide the baby:

    9. He tried to get his mama phone bill paid:

    10. And his internet is just slow:

    11. Wait, are we building or are we paying bills? I'm confused:

    12. Nobody is safe, not even with the flu!

    13. A lot of things are on the way:

    14. He thought someone was hacking her account because she didn't want him anymore, LOLOL:

    15. Wait, read till the end. Now I'm confused:

    16. Lastly, the man who is 6'3" but wants to be 6'5":

    Have you ever received a text message that made you do a double take? Let me know in the comments below!