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    If You Have Oily Skin, Here Are 12 Tips To Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

    Even oily skin deserves a flawless face.

    We've all been there before: It's midday, and your face is looking like you could fry chicken on it. But don't worry, y'all — those of us with oily skin can have makeup that lasts all day and still looks fabulous. Check out our helpful makeup tips for oily skin:

    1. Before anything else, make sure you are exfoliating about once a week and using a gentle cleanser at least once a day.

    Your makeup is only as good as the foundation you put it on. Weekly exfoliation — maybe even a mask or a peel — will help keep your skin smooth and free of dead skin. There are so many skin care hacks; try them!

    2. Make sure you're not only moisturizing, but also hydrating your skin with products that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

    Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which means it pretty much draws water in to your skin and helps to prevent moisture loss. It hydrates your skin from the inside out, and when your skin is hydrated, your oil glands have less of a chance of going into overdrive.

    Honestly, make sure your skin care routine is the best it can be.

    3. Wear waterproof mascara, even if you're not the biggest fan.

    I know, I know. Waterproof mascara is annoying to remove and can clump if not done properly. However, you'll thank yourself when you've gone 15 hours and your lashes look just as good as after the initial application. Pro tip: Wiggle your mascara wand as you move up your lashes to help disperse product and avoid clumping.

    4. Use a mattifying primer before applying your foundation to keep your makeup from slipping off of your face.

    Instead of directly placing foundation onto your face, apply a primer first that will adhere to your skin and hold the foundation in place all day. Extra tip: You can even wear primer on days you don't want to wear makeup at all to keep your skin matte and ~natural.~

    5. Or, even better, after you apply primer, set your face with a translucent setting powder that will absorb any excess oils and keep your face even more together through the day.

    Yep, most people think you only apply translucent setting powder after you finish your makeup. However, you can totally set your face with powder before even applying your foundation — it'll give your makeup something else to stick to and will keep your skin matte for longer!

    6. Look for long-wear foundations that are oil-free.

    Since your skin already has enough oil, stay away from products that have oil on the ingredient list. Look for foundations that say they are long-wearing. They have specific formulations and ingredients that allow them to keep your makeup budge-free.

    7. Don't apply thick layers of foundation or concealer.

    Whether you want a natural look or a full-on glam, don't slap on heavy applications of foundation or any products. Work in light layers, only adding more in problem areas or where you need more coverage. Light layers will help make your makeup last longer and not give you that "cakey" look.

    8. Setting your face with another layer of powder can help to keep things in place for even longer, so if you have an event that calls for no makeup touch-ups through the day, try the extra layer.

    Even if you set your face before you apply your foundation, you can (and should) set again when finished! Liquid and cream products will easily crease or melt in warmer weather, so apply setting powder allover your face, especially around your fine lines, under your eyes, and places you get oily.

    9. And if you want extra protection, spray your face with a setting spray guaranteed for long-wear.

    Setting sprays are honestly a must for oily skin. Spray your face after you finish your makeup, and if you have a long day ahead of you, carry a travel size in your pocket for easy access.

    10. Line your lips with a lip liner to keep lipstick in place.

    Lining lips isn't just for those wanting an ombré look or even fuller lips, but also for preserving your lipstick for hours and hours. Lining your lips with a lip liner gives your lipstick a barrier, which helps avoid "bleeding," or when your lipstick starts to fade.

    11. Carry blotting papers to pat, not swipe, throughout the day.

    If you're still glistening throughout the day, blot your oily areas with blotting papers. They will help remove the shine without taking away from the product on your face. Rule of thumb: Do NOT wipe your face, always pat. Wiping your makeup will leave streaks, which isn't cute.

    12. And lastly, don't touch your face. Don't. Touch. Your. Face.

    It's a natural habit we all have, but avoid touching your face at all costs. The oils (and germs) from your hands get onto your skin and into your pores. It can cause skin irritation or even break down your foundation or powders, which means grease city by midday. You'd be surprised how long your makeup can truly last when you keep your hands away from it.

    What are your favorite tips for making your makeup last longer? Let us know in the comment section!