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    The Internet Can't Get Over This Viral Photo Of Jordyn Woods And Her Celebrity Friends

    I just feel emotionally restored after seeing this photo.

    Jordyn Woods posted a photo of herself on Instagram while out and about in Jamaica, and sis came THRU WITH THE EDGE SNAP! HONEEEEEEY.

    But chileeeee, that wasn't even the best part. Soon, we realized that Jordyn wasn't by herself — she was in Jamaica alongside actor Ryan Destiny, singers Normani and Teyana Taylor, and model Winnie Harlow to celebrate model Lori Harvey's birthday.

    Ummmmm excuse me, but who told all these beautiful women to just stand next to each other and radiate that black girl magic? HOW DO I BECOME A PART OF THIS TRIBE?!

    Twitter is in a frenzy. First of all, we're just happy that Jordyn is out here prospering with real friends:


    Like, we're not saying anyone is mad or anything, BUT...:

    Kylie at HOME with her CHILD watching Jordyn Woods on IG cliqued up with literally the hottest women on the planet

    I mean, total squad goals, AMIRITE:

    Lori Harvey, Ryan Destiny, Normani, Teyana Taylor, and Jordyn Woods are all in Jamaica together about squad goals

    People were dropping ALL the facts. I'll just leave this here:

    I Stan Lori Harvey, Normani, Teyana Taylor, Jordyn & Ryan Destiny that’s what all these black fishing girls wanna be but you can never in your life.

    Look in the mirror and what do you see? BEAUTY:

    normani and jordyn woods? 😩😍 jordyn really living her best black girl life and I’m here for it.

    You love to see it:

    Jordyn Woods is thriving among other black women and we love to see it. They literally have no right to all be this beautiful 😍😍😍

    Easy, breezy, beautiful UNBOTHERED BLACK GIRL MAGIC:

    Also if this doesn't show you the power of great friendships, IDK what will:

    Jordyn woods really levelled up on everyone. This is why I say new friends can really make a difference on your growth and level up.

    Let me know where to drop my application off:

    Where do i apply to be a part of the Lori Harvey x Jordyn woods x Normani x Ryan destiny friend group

    Actually, I lost my invite in the mail. Lmk the next trip:

    the fact that jordyn, lori, normani, & ryan planned out a whole vacation & didn’t even shoot me a text in the groupchat to invite me is absolutely beyond me.

    I just want to thank the girls for keeping their feet on our necks.