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    If You're A Curvy Girl, You'll Completely Agree With These 20 Things

    All my fluffies, we stand together!

    1. When wardrobe functions stop you from living your best life:

    Okay so where do y’all find bodysuits that don’t flash your vagina to the world because it’s my first year dressing like a hoe for Halloween and I don’t want to have a wardrobe malfunction let alone flash someone because thick thighed girls like me have trouble all the time hmu

    2. When finding a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans is non-existent because of your thighs:

    There is nothing boyfriend fit about these 😩😩😩 #curvygirlproblems

    3. When you really don't understand what skinny girls are talking about sometimes:

    Skinny girls who complain about having thick thighs confuse me. You really don’t know the struggle so why you mad? All your jeans fit properly and the inside of your jeans don’t even tear ma’am 😭😂😂

    4. When people really don't understand how hard it is to have a booty...

    Y’all want a big booty, then get one and don’t know what to do with it. This come with back aches and jean problems. Y’all are not about this life.

    5. ...Or that your body just does what it does all the time.

    Having big booty is a problem These thirsty nigga be thinking you're shaking it for them....but it does so naturally 😩😩😩😩

    6. When the struggle to find boots that will fit your calves is real AF:

    7. When the length of a dress really doesn't matter once you put it on:

    8. When you try to get through a tight space and you realize something's getting knocked over:

    #curvygirlproblems : When you try to squeeze in between 2 tables & your boobs or butt knock the glasses off the table

    9. When strapless and cute 'lil bras for you only exist in your dreams:

    If only my titz would fit into these 😪😭 #bigboobproblems

    10. And items like bras or underwear cost you an arm and a leg:

    @roflcopterftw My bras cost WAY too much. I have a funeral each time one goes to underwear heaven 😂 #bigboobproblems

    11. When being thick is expensive...

    My jeans always ripping at my thighs, being thick is expensive smh ...

    12. ...As well as a sartorially sad experience:

    Rip to all the jeans that couldn’t handle my thick thighs

    13. When you don't online shop anymore because this happens:

    14. When you need three different pairs of pants to fit your waist, hips, and butt:

    15. When thigh chafing is a 24/7 struggle:

    16. And the fear of ripping your favorite pair of pants is your reality:

    17. When chub rub just exhausts you at this point *sigh*:

    Everyone is like "thich thighs save lives" which is honestly a mood but I'm fucking tired of my dumb ass legs touching when I walk in cute skirts/dresses/shorts and making every step I take feel like I'm stepping closer towards satan's prison hell

    18. And your boob randomly sliding out of your bra is just frustrating:

    19. When you try to get all your tasks completed before the underboob sweat starts:

    Trying to run all my errands while the temperature is still reasonable. #underboobsweat

    20. And lastly, when your thighs are your biggest cheerleaders:

    Do y'all relate to any of these things? Let us know in the comments below!