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    People Are Sharing What Information Google Data Was Hiding About Them And, Y'all, This Is Actually Intense

    I don't remember saying that...or that...or that, either.

    Have y'all ever learned something that sounds so wild, that it MUST be true? Well, that's how I felt when I learned that Google has FILES of potentially-problematic data on every one of us. DID Y'ALL KNOW THAT?!

    When Redditor @AlleKeskitason asked, "People who downloaded their Google data and went through it, what were the most unsettling things you found out they had stored about you?", I wanted to know what y'all had going on. 👀 Well, here's what people found out:

    1. This...interesting request:

    "There's an audio recording of me saying, 'Check the Jewish boy's penis.' I don't remember ever saying that, but it's there so it has to be true, right?"


    2. This fact that would be cool, if true:

    "I'm the vice president of a company that I've never heard of, and I can't even find any real info on the company."


    3. This sleep disorder verification:

    "Apparently I sleepwalk thousands of kilometers at night and then manage to get back home in time for work. There are also a bunch of visual recordings of my computer's fan spinning."


    4. This language mystery:

    "My profile says that I like to watch air conditioner repair videos in Korean. I have no idea why Google thinks I speak Korean or why my air conditioner needs repair."


    5. This location verification:

    "I got drunk once and proceeded to get lost on the way home. For two years, I wondered where the hell I had been until I saw Google's location history for that night."


    6. This sexual request:

    "My husband, on November 5, 2018, apparently asked Google voice, 'How do you say I'm your big black daddy in Spanish?' He also asked them on July 30, 2019, 'Is my wife gay?'"


    7. This phone fumble:

    "I downloaded my data from Facebook, and the most shocking thing was a recorded phone conversation of about 30 minutes. It was dated back around five years ago, but it wasn't even me speaking. I have no idea who it was."


    8. This therapy session:

    "Just found out that Google had recorded bits from my talk with my therapist. That's wild."


    9. This government cover-up:

    "I found a recording of a meeting I was having with the top officials of a government organization, which was supposed to be a secret. It also had the exact location and time."


    10. This political stance:

    "Initially I didn't think this was a big deal, because I don't do anything wrong and have nothing to hide. Then I remembered the conversations I have with my wife. We basically pretend to have radical views, or say jacked up things, to get a rise out of each other. To my horror, some of the recordings include me pretending to hold VERY radical elitist ideas (this must explain why Google only suggests Fox News and not the others). If these recordings were used against me without proper context, I couldn't imagine what would happen."


    11. This sexual fetish:

    "The data suggested that I was interested in 'Maoist lesbianism.' Not Maoism and not lesbianism, but the two combined. I can confirm I'm not a Maoist lesbian."


    12. This sleep talking moment:

    "I came across a recording from five a.m. one morning of me mumbling the word 'attest' while I was sleeping."


    13. Lastly, this marital tension:

    "Years ago, I fought in Afghanistan, then Iraq, then lived as a bachelor. Then I got married and had NO IDEA that practically every photo I'd ever saved had been backed up on Google photos. My wife opened it, and saw almost a decade's worth of weird porn, stupid memes, and photos of me with all my exes, including a few photos of my exes sans-clothing. I'm still married somehow."


    Welp, the government knows everything about us and there are levels to the conspiracies we've said for years. Lovely!