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    16 Influencer-Approved Gifts You Can Totally Splurge On

    Packaging is just as important as quality, IMO.

    We hope you like the products we recommend! SK-II has sponsored this gift guide to help us bring you our favorite gifts for your friends (and yourself). Enjoy!

    Hi everyone! Essence Gant, Senior Beauty Editor, here. Now that the holidays are in full swing, the As/Is team and I put together recommendations for you to find the BEST gifts this year. Have a friend who's on their way to becoming the next Instagram influencer? This gift guide is all you need.

    Taylor Miller / Via BuzzFeed
    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    1. The chunky sneaker is so on trend that this lightweight-yet-fly pair of Fila sneakers can find a home in anyone's closet.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who loves comfortable-yet-chic footwear. The shoes are a closet staple and perfect for anyone who needs a pair of kicks.

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $70.

    2. It's easy to see why influencers — and so many women in general — love the Tinted "My Skin is Not A Trend' T-shirt for making a powerful statement.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone looking to send a powerful message to the world on cultural, political, and social issues.

    Get it from Tinted for $25.

    3. Gravity blankets claim to help people fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. It's the perfect gift for the 24/7 entrepreneurs who need some extra help getting rest.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The influencer-bound blogger or creator who needs a bit of a boost. The deep touch pressure from the blanket claims to increase serotonin and melatonin production for a calming experience and a restful night after running around all day.

    Get it from GravityBlankets in 25-lbs. for $249, or a less expensive 15-pound version from Amazon for $73.90.

    4. Rayo & Honey Pennants are the perfect addition for anyone who loves to to add a boost of love and affirmation into their home decor.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Handmade in Brooklyn, New York, the brand creates compelling signs that come in a variety of affirmations, statements, and thoughts of the day, making it perfect and relatable for everyone.

    Get the 'Black Girls Are Magic' pennant from Rayo & Honey for $40.
    Get the 'Sometimes The King is A Woman' pennant from Rayo & Honey for $50.

    5. This gorgeous J. Crew passport holder is all about form and function: It easily stores valuable cards and documents while also giving off a pretty pop of color that's easily recognizable in anyone's bag or luggage.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The person who loves to travel or just needs somewhere to store their important cards. Made from Italian leather, the case is a perfect gift for those who love a bit of glam without breaking the bank. Also, custom monogramming is available for an additional $10.

    Get it from J.Crew in a variety of colors for $79.90, and get the matching wallet for $128.

    6. For the friend who needs that perfect winter coat designed to keep them warm and stylish, the Aritzia Super Puff is the influencer-approved choice by and large.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The Super Puff jacket is a fan favorite amongst celebrities like Kendal Jenner, Brie Larson, Karlie Kloss, Laura Harrier and Shay Mitchell. The Catalina is one of the brand's best-sellers, and is perfect for those chilly days without compromising style.

    Get it in a variety of colors and finishes from Aritzia for $228.

    7. Health and wellness is important, especially for the most on-the-go lady bosses. This Erin Condren Wellness log will help anyone keep track of the things that matter, like fitness goals and daily water intake.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The goal setter who needs daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins with themselves to track progress. The health and wellness-obsessed influencer who also is a sucker for cute journaling and packaging, because, duh.

    Get it from Amazon for $15.98.

    8. The Rent the Runway Unlimited Membership is honestly the style gods' answer to the fashionista who is so busy that she never has time to shop, but doesn't want to be caught in the same outfit twice.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Literally everybody because who doesn't love to look fly? Also perfect for the person who loves the constant thrill of new clothing items or designer threads, all with free two-day shipping and dry cleaning. Work outfits, holiday parties, and everyday wear all in one? Yes, please.

    Get it from Rent the Runway for $159/month or test out the trial month for $99.

    9. The fearless, flirtatious, daring, and fresh False Lashes Kit from Sephora Collection is handy for the beauty blogger waiting to get her picture snapped, star in a campaign, or just get glammed up for a night out.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Any and everyone who loves to rock a set of lashes. Period.

    Get it from Sephora for $60.

    10. Anyone who loves radiant skin will love a product that treats dullness and uneven texture or tone. Enter the SK-II KARAN Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence that will give skin a renewed ~glow.~

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: For skincare lovers who want an extra boost on the skin for the lights, camera, and action. Anyone will immediately fall in love with SK-II's bestseller product that's remained almost unchanged for more than 35 years.

    Get it from SK-II for $229, limited edition for this holiday season. — Sponsored by SK-II

    11. A pair of cozy Snidel fuzzy slippers are perfect for anyone who loves warm, comfortable, and fashionable footwear. Because you never know when you'll have to post a photo of yourself in your pajamas.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Your glamorous friend who loves comfort without sacrificing style. Also for the Instagram-obsessed photographers who love a good shoe in a backdrop.

    Get the Faux Fur Lined Mules from Snidel for $130.10.

    12. All the music lovers will get ready-for-the-camera makeup beat while listening to their favorite music with an iHome Vanity Mirror, which not only gives full-spectrum color lighting, but also has an integrated speaker and bluetooth wireless audio!

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Music lovers, YouTubers, and anyone else who seriously just loves to listen to music while doing their makeup. Also, anyone who wants to really prove they have the best playlists amongst their friends.

    Get it from iHome for $80.

    13. The traveler who's been on the hunt for a ~fly~ and unbreakable carry-on with a rechargeable battery for their phone can rest assured that the Away Carry-On is the solution. It's basically made for the travel Instagram photos.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The individual who needs luggage that can really keep up — whether on the plane, in the back of the car, or while walking around. The polycarbonate shell withstands pressure and the 360-degree wheels make moving around so easy.

    Get it from Away in a variety of colors starting at $225.

    14. Although the Artis Elite Smoke 10 Makeup Brush Set retails for $360, they are the softest and most top-tier makeup brushes that are perfect for all makeup lovers — and they look so, so good on camera.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: These brushes are so versatile, anyone can use these in their daily routine, whether it's applying makeup or skincare. The brushes are specifically formulated to not pick up excess product, extending the life of makeup as well as the brushes. They also have a silver handle and look effortlessly chic in the white box they come in, making them perfect for lifestyle shots.

    Get the 10-set brush kit from Neiman Marcus for $360.

    15. Fenty Beauty shook up the makeup game and they came back with a poppin' holiday makeup collection that is sure to give every Fenty-obsessed lover every icy look imaginable.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The limited-edition collection has palettes, lipsticks, highlighters and more, so it's perfect for any and all beauty lovers. The colors are frost-inspired, so wintery looks can be achieved with the metallic shades, the chromatic luminizers, and the tantalizing finishes.

    Get the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette from Sephora for $54.
    Get the Snow Daze & Snow Nights Frosted Metal Lipstick 3-pc Set from Sephora for $36.
    Get the Frost Bunny, Frost Hunny, Frost Money Frosted Metal Lipstick 3-piece Set from Sephora for $39.
    Get the Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set from Sephora for $99.
    Get the Mini Fairy Bomb from Sephora for $20.

    16. A jade or rose quartz roller isn't just for show (but the beautiful part doesn't hurt). The facial rollers support lymphatic drainage which can reduce puffiness and wrinkles, so, hello, new best friend!

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Since facial rollers have been part of beauty rituals for centuries, anyone who wants tighter, firmer skin will love either option. If anyone loves a bit of daily massage, or is even looking for more holistic ways to drain toxins from the body (while still having the option for a cute photo opp) then these not only bring peace but also a relaxed and happy gift.

    Get the Jade Facial Roller from Sephora for $30.
    Get the Rose Quartz Facial Roller from Sephora for $40.
    Get the sleep mask at Gelato Pique for $22.40.