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    Here Are 7 Things You Can Do With Your Prom Dress After Prom Night

    The night's over but your prom dress doesn't have to be.

    Ellie Sunkanawa / As/Is
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    It's the day after prom, and you're wondering what to do with your prom dress. Sure, you had a great night, but the likelihood of you wearing it again feels pretty slim. If you want to put your dress to good use, here are a few options:

    1. Donate your dress to a non-profit that helps economically-disadvantaged youth, like Project G.L.A.M.

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    G.L.A.M. stands for Granting Lasting Amazing Memories, and the organization has provided dresses to over 12,000 young women! So not only are you clearing out your closet, but you're also helping someone else in need.

    2. Or Operation Prom, which creates "pop-up-like" shops for students to shop and select donated dresses and accessories.

    3. Sell your dress on sites like Poshmark, where you keep 80% of the sale price.

    4. Donate your dress to other non-profit organizations, like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

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    While they don't specifically tackle just prom dresses, non-profits like Goodwill or the Salvation Army still provide donated clothes to others in the community for a discounted price.

    5. Google to find where you can locally donate your prom dress.

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    If you want to donate your dress to something more local, it's quick and easy thanks to the amazingness that is Google. Simply type what city you’re located in as well as the nearest donation centers that take prom dresses.

    If you need a bit of help finding somewhere that can connect you with local charities, check out for cities that offer scheduled pickups.

    Alright, now if you want to REALLY get fancy...

    6. Alter and revive your dress!

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    There are tons of DIY tutorials that show how you can instantly bring back life into old prom dresses. If you hated those straps? Cut them! If you're not a fan of how big the dress is? Take it in some. Whatever you want to do, you can add embellishments and add or subtract things to literally make the dress like new.

    7. Have a swap party and trade with friends.

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    You never know, maybe one of your closest friends has a younger sibling looking for a dress. Host a swap party where you and your friends bring clothing items and trade with each other. It not only saves money, but it'll literally feel like you're wearing something for the first time, because, you are.

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    Ellie Sunkanawa / As/Is