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    Here's How To Make Your Clothes Look Expensive Even When They're Not

    You don't have to be a millionaire to look like one.

    We all want to look like celebrities, but we don't all have celebrity money. No matter your budget, here's how to make your clothes look expensive:

    1. Get everything tailored to perfectly fit your body.

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    There is nothing worse (okay, maybe a few things worse) than an ill-fitting outfit. And even though a tailor may seem expensive, the work will instantly make your clothes look like they were made just for you. If you're an avid thrift shopper, you can buy clothes for a fraction of their retail cost, spend a few dollars getting them tailored, and just like that you have a one-of-a-kind fit. One size does NOT fit all, so why buy clothes and expect them to fit you perfectly?

    If you don't know where to start, don't worry. Here are a few quick tips on finding a perfect tailor for you.

    2. Stretch the time you go between washing clothes (with the exception of dirty things) to preserve the fabric.

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    Aside from undergarments, stained items, and questionably smelly things, most clothes can be worn at least a few times before washing. If you notice a stain, try spot-treating or hand-washing it lightly. Constant washing wears down the fabrics (affecting the stretch in them) and fades the color in your clothes, making them look worn out.

    3. If you can, steam your clothes instead of ironing them to get out pesky wrinkles.

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    Ironing is always the go-to, but a lot of synthetic materials and polyester blends can't be ironed, or run the risk of getting burned. A steamer, or even an iron with a top-notch steam function, can get out wrinkles without as much risk of burning 1) yourself, and 2) your garment.

    4. Follow the 70/30 rule for fashion: 70% of your wardrobe should be basics, 30% should be trendy.

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    The secret to fashion is understanding that all trends will die at some point, and even though most come back around later, you can get more wear out of your clothes when you have basics that can go with multiple outfits.

    Think about it: Why do you think Kim Kardashian ALWAYS looks polished, even when people think her outfit is basic? She knows the secrets.

    Go for nudes, neutrals, and basics like tank tops, midi skirts, jeans, blazers, and one-toned shirts. Then, you can go out and buy a few trendy articles of clothing for your closet, like a sequined blazer, or ruffled-tops, or maybe some statement-making shoes.

    5. Try a statement-making coat that goes with everything.

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    It honestly doesn't even have to be black, or long, or what everyone else wants. Just have that one piece that you can throw on and will always feel confident in. Layering is an easy way to look super put together, but you just look dripped in moneeey.

    6. When in doubt, go for an all-black look.

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    There's a reason why black is always viewed as chic — literally everyone looks good in it! It matches everything, and it hides stains easily! While you don't have to have an all-black wardrobe, black instantly boosts your look and gives a sense of class that's parallel to none. When in doubt, throw on a savvy all-black look, played up by different textures, to instantly look stylish.

    7. And speaking of mixing, mix and match alternating patterns in the same color family to create a very curated (but ultimately easy) look.

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    Go for inverted stripes, flipped color schemes, and even mixed and matched colors with a different textile feel for an added pop!

    8. Make sure that your undergarments properly fit to avoid bulges and awkward looking lines.

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    Ill-fitting undergarments will make you look bulky and your clothes unflattering. Ensuring things like your bra and panty lines — especially if you're wearing tighter-fitting clothes — are smoothed out will instantly make your outfit seem pulled together.

    9. Go for fabrics like linen, faux suede, and cotton that ~look~ expensive but aren't.

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    When in doubt, you can fake the funk. Fabrics like linen not only let you breathe (which is great for the summer time!), but also just feel expensive when paired with other things.

    Suede instantly offers an 'expensive' vibe, but who has suede money? Go for a faux-suede moto jacket or quick statement-making piece to add to your wardrobe. And lastly, cotton is the real MVP of fashion. It's super low-maintenance, easily washable, and has natural fibers that will let you breathe.

    10. Look at fast-fashion stores like H&M, Zara, and Target to find affordable pieces that look expensive.

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    Who says your friends need to know where you got that poppin' dress? Fast-fashion has allowed us to find pieces that look designer without the designer price tag. Search through the sale racks, the trending hot new section, and online stores for pieces that are super cute, chic, and easily paired.

    Pro Tip: Study what the latest celebrities are wearing and see how you can re-create them on your budget!

    11. Wear beautiful, standout accessories that make you look super stylish.

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    When they say accessories will make or break an outfit, they mean it! Whether it's bangles down the wrist, rings on every finger, a statement-making bag, or even just some funky glasses, add some accessories to easily look more put together.

    12. Blazers — with different colors, cuts, and textures — are a really easy option to throw on when you don't know what to wear.

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    It's amazing what a simple blazer can do for an outfit, no matter how it looks. Whether you're going out with friends or heading into a company meeting, a fitted blazer instantly makes you look put together and poppin'.

    Pro Tip: You can also rock an oversized blazer if you're going for that boho-chic vibe, or a colorful blazer if you just want to bring extra life into your outfit.

    13. Invest in a pair of dress shoes you can always put on to instantly liven up an outfit.

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    While you don't need to revamp your entire shoe collection, staples like black and nude dress shoes mean you'll have something to throw on for any occasion. Play around with patterns, heel heights, and styles, if you're feeling adventurous.