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    16 Serious Questions I Have About "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" That I Need Answers To Immediately

    Who the hell has a love fern?!

    Hey y'all, I'm Jamé and I have a confession to make: I absolutely love shitty '00s rom-coms. During my most recent at-home movie binge, I watched How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days and realized there are some MAJOR questions I have to get off my chest.

    1. Why did Andie write on women sabotaging relationships when she wanted to prove that she could write about politics?

    2. Speaking of which, wasn't it COMPLETELY messed up that Andie took her coworker's pain and plastered it as a story? Is that...journalism at its finest?

    3. Instead of fighting to be seen at a publication that didn't write about politics, why didn't Andie just go to another publication that did?

    4. Furthermore, who did Andie think would benefit from her article? Like, who naturally is THAT erratic in relationships?

    5. Personal remark, but why did Andie assume that a man would be turned off by a Celine Dion concert? Is that not gender-prescribing?

    6. Ben, he's a bit of a douche, right? IDC that he's a young, delicious Matthew McConaughey — what does his ability to make a woman fall in love with him have to do with his competency to run a jewelry ad campaign?

    7. Why did Andie not drop-kick him for stealing her "frosting" line and presenting it as his own idea to his boss? I, personally, was livid.

    8. Honestly, why didn't the two of them just make up the whole thing and scam everyone else involved?

    9. When Andie left Ben's apartment the first time, where were her keys, phone, and credit cards? For all she knows, Ben could have stolen her credit card information and ran up a bill at Neiman Marcus!

    10. Why did Mrs. DeLauer get barely any airtime in this movie? She clearly was the star of the whole damn thing and deserved her own prequel.

    11. Why do Andie and Ben both act like huge babies at the end? My loves, you both tried to destroy each other's lives. That's kind of what you get?

    12. Can we admit that it's kind of a stretch that Andie realizes that Ben is a ~good~ guy simply after seeing him change his nephew's diaper? Is the bar THAT low?

    13. While Andie is with Ben's family, she acts like a regular person. Wouldn't that have sent red flags to Ben? The same person buying love ferns is now being completely normal?

    14. Speaking of which, where's Andie's family? Where's her mama? Her cousins? Her nanna? Anyone?

    15. Is a 10-day relationship really worth leaving NYC, Andie? You lost the only guy you've ever fallen for, yet you ain't care about losing him? WHAT IS THIS.

    16. Finally, why did we never get a sequel to this movie? We deserved one.

    What were some things that ticked you off? Leave them in the comments below!