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    18 Holiday Party Dresses With 5-Star Reviews

    We know you've got a million holiday parties to go to, so you might as well check out our favorite picks.

    1. A floral '50s cocktail flare dress perfect for holiday dates when you need something on the go.

    2. A nuanced spin on the "corporate but chic" dress you didn't know you needed until now (and now you're thanking me).

    3. A fly a-line skater dress that'll give your haters the cold shoulder.

    4. A lacy number that nips in at the waist with a removable sash. So if you're looking for that perfect dress to rock at the company holiday party? Look no further.

    5. A sequin wrap dress that will make you feel like the baddest belle of the ball (and for good reason).

    6. A fiery hot bandage bodycon dress that totally screams, "I like it like that!"

    7. A lacy midi dress that's perfect for your sweet and playful side (but also spicy enough for when you want to be bad).

    8. An updated LBD that's as comfortable as it is chic, perfect for holiday lovers who don't want to give up all black.

    9. An evening stunner perfect for holiday parties where you need a little extra va-va-voom (or just an excuse to where a fancy AF gown).

    10. A vintage A-line dress for when you need a bit of relaxation but don't want to give up style.

    11. Strut through the Christmas party in a strapless dress laced with all the fringe you'd ever want.

    12. An embellished little number fully decked out in rhinestones to add a bit of sparkle to your life.

    13. A kimono midi dress I know you're going to wear nonstop because I certainly am.

    14. A velvety-soft bodycon dress with a thigh slit that's equal parts sexy and sophisticated.

    15. A sequin midi that actually belongs in a museum (or at least at your company holiday party).

    16. An evening gown to top all evening gowns — don't be surprised if you hit all the 'Best Dressed' lists for the holidays.

    17. A dainty off-the-shoulder number for nights you want to look regal and fly at the same time.

    18. A slip dress that makes you remember the best things in this world are decked out in hella sequins.