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Heidi Klum Is The Undeniable Queen Of Halloween — Rate Your Favorite Outfit She's Worn And See If Others Agree

The queen of fright night is here.

Every year, celebrities dress up for Halloween and give us a scare (good AND bad). But there is NO denying that every Halloween is reserved for the queen of fright: Heidi Klum.

Consistently, she gives us something different, something that we didn't know we needed. It was very hard to do, but here's my top 10 Heidi Klum looks of all time:

10. Even back in 2000, Heidi was setting the bar high. I mean, Lady Godiva and an actual horse at a Halloween costume party? Your fave could never.

9. 2005's outfit may not have been one of the most elaborate, but honestly, Heidi was still taking costumes to the extreme before everyone else. Sexy vampire, anyone?

8. 2017 Heidi gave us Thriller vibes and really amped up the scare factor.

7. Coming in right above, I'm giving you 2014 Heidi, who gave us this intense butterfly. I love a good theatric!

6. 2010 gave us sexy robot-Transformer-cyborg Heidi Klum. We really don't know what she was, but all we know is that it worked.

5. In 2011, Klum had two parties: In one, she was a monkey. The other, she was a deveined body. Makes total sense, right?

4. Heidi Klum was cloning herself before it was cool, and even though it wasn't as elaborate as her previous outfits, this one in 2016 was definitely great for illusions.

3. I love Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but Heidi's 2015 costume took it to the next level with costuming and prosthetics.

2. 2018's Heidi Klum was definitely one for the books, giving us ogre Fiona from Shrek. I sometimes forget there's a person under there!

1. And coming in at #1 is 2013 Heidi, where she gave us all a glimpse into her future many, many years from now. This had to earn the top spot because the amount of detailing that went into this is unparalleled.