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A 10-Year-Old Gave Her Dad The Most Wild Christmas List, And Sis Is A Legend

Yes, I want the Chanel purse AND the Gucci slides.

A father has taken to social media to share his 10-year-old daughter's Christmas list. As soon as I saw it, y'all...LOLI'MSOPOORLOLOLOLOL.

Twitter user @A_johnson412 shared the entire list on social, noting that his daughter "must be out of her mind." I'd like to note some of the things include a real bunny, AirPods, and a Chanel purse.

My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list 😒😒😒

I love that she also included $4,000, because I am sis and sis is me:

She also wanted essential oils...well, "asenchal" oils, a Hydro Flask (being a true VSCO girl), and a GoPro:

For the record, here's her full list (because this list is LONG and it smells like money): An iPhone 11, AirPods, a new MacBook Air, a real bunny, a Hydro Flask, clothes, makeup, pink Pumas, Gucci slides, a Chanel purse, perfume, essential oil, an American Girl Doll car, new shoes, earrings, jewelry, checkered Vans, a GoPro, pink duct tape, glue, food coloring, laundry detergent, clothes for the bunny, $4,000, lots of doll stuff, new sheets and cover, and an alarm clock.

Well, people are HERE for her and this extravagant list. Some of us ain't getting spoiled this season, and we don't even know what some of these things are:

We love a queen who knows about her skincare:

@a_johnson412 asenchal oils.... lil mama better be about her skincare!

And who has her priorities together:

@a_johnson412 An alarm clock, Gucci slides and some laundry detergent? Mama has range and her priorities in check!

We don't have much sympathy for the dad, though, because HE MADE HER THIS WAY:

@a_johnson412 You raised a bougie princess and now you wanna complain TUH. Get mama her Gucci slides and stop playing.

I'm telling y'all...we all need that $4,000:

And baby girl is teaching us how to manifest our dreams:

@a_johnson412 baby girl said don’t mind me, i’m just manifesting right now lol

Okay, some people aren't here for the shenanigans:

@a_johnson412 Get her that alarm clock sis ! Lol tell her it’ll wake her up from that dream where she think shes getting everything on there 😭

And felt like she came in swinging (which, I'm not gonna lie, she really did):

@a_johnson412 AYE YO 😩😩😂😂😂😂😂😂 is there anything else LOL. She came in swinging for the fence

All I know is that this little girl is literally living the dream — may we ALL manifest Christmas lists like this!