These 14 Fashion Trends Are So Cringeworthy, They're Almost Good

    So many frosted tips and exposed thongs.

    Fashion trends come and go, but have you ever seen a trend and prayed it never returns? Yep, we all have. So when Reddit user @YouTubeIsAJoke asked, "What's the most cringeworthy fashion trend that must never make a comeback?", I needed to see what y'all think is hot and what y'all think is NOT. Here are a few trends people say it's time to let die:

    1. The "claw" bang:

    2. Those pants that stick to your thighs, you know the ones:

    "I had these florescent, blinding, bright blue pants from Limited too. They were made of some weird fabric that after sitting for a period of time, when I would stand up, they would be stuck to the back of my legs. I loved those things and would try to secretly unstick them from my legs, but it was so obvious."


    3. A hanging rat tail:

    4. That shorts-over-sweats look:

    "When I was in high school, 1979-1983, we had this thing where you would wear your shorts on top of the sweatpants. I though it looked stupid then and wag my head in disbelief now."


    5. Pacifiers around the neck (yes, Gen Z, this was actually a thing):

    6. Clogs. Filled clogs, wooden clogs, hollow clogs, all clogs:

    "Clogs. I don't know if it was a regional phenomenon, but in the late '70s, all the cool kids (boys AND girls) wore shoes with 2" wooden soles. The high school hallways sounded like a cattle stampede between classes."


    7. Those frosted tips of the early '00s:

    8. Cartoon shirts with a very specific theme behind it:

    "Shirts with cartoon characters dressed like gangsters. Bonus points if they're airbrushed."


    9. Visible thong straps, ALL the time:

    10. Those one-shoulder tops that made you wear another shirt underneath:

    "In the early 2000's there was a trend for girls at the club to wear these shirts that only had one strap over one shoulder. But most girls felt super self conscious wearing something that exposed so much skin/flaws/back fat, so they would wear a T-shirt underneath it, nullifying the whole point of the shirt. It looked awful."


    11. Visor hats. Periodt:

    12. The fake underwear:

    "I couldn't stand those jeans that have fake underwear sewn in so it looks like our pants are sagging."


    13. Those sweatpants that are totally NSFW:

    14. And of course, the Bratz makeup that gave us nightmares:

    What fashion trends do you want to lay to rest once and for all? Leave them down in the comments section!

    Also, we're poking fun at certain fashion trends, but style is a personal choice. If you wear any of these trends, rock it and have fun.