26 Times Fashion Interns Probably Wanted To Quit Their Job

    "Is there some reason my coffee isn't here? Has she died or something?"

    1. When you've emailed a brand 25 times to borrow that ~one necklace~ and it doesn't even make the final selects.

    2. When it's the day before the magazine goes to print and you're spiraling into madness.

    3. When you have to request front-row Fashion Week seats for your editor or else they aren't coming.

    4. When the beauty director asks for that "one shade of orange lipstick" and there are 539 orange lipsticks in the beauty closet.

    5. When other interns ~borrow~ things from the fashion closet but you can't because you're bigger than a size four.

    6. When you steam 25 articles of clothing for a photo shoot and, at the last minute, the fashion director decides to toss almost all of them.

    7. When you are verbally attacked by cranky editors who let you know they will chew you up and spit you out.

    8. When you get asked to reorganize the fashion closet even though you just organized it three days ago.

    9. When everyone's trying to stay skinny so they only eat salad, but you want meatloaf.

    10. When you compile all the fashion and styling credits, only to later be removed from the list by a top editor.

    11. When you think you'll get promoted to that coveted assistant role but they decide to hire someone else because you're a "really great intern".

    12. When you've been up for almost 48 hours straight between market appointments, magazine spreads, and model fittings.

    13. When a model rips their clothes and you have to get them professionally tailored before sending them back to the brand in the AM.

    14. When you get bribed by PR reps looking to feature their clients and you don't know if it's a blessing or a set-up.

    15. When all your friends think Fashion Month is an exciting time, but really you're dying a slow and painful death.

    16. When your editor gives you a task that is actually humanly impossible.

    17. When your arms become strong as hell because you constantly have to lug heavy garment bags.

    18. When you just get used to being called "The Intern".

    19. When you are constantly crying to your friends because you never do anything right.

    20. When you have to redo something for the tenth time.

    21. When you are asked to pick up product samples but aren't given any clear instructions, guidance, or direction.

    22. When the new intern tries to set you up to get fired, but you already know what they're up to.

    23. When the new kids on the block actually think anyone is getting off work at six.

    24. When you'd rather take public transportation to save money, but you know being a second late will cost you your job.

    25. When you're given a list of personal errands that have nothing to do with work.

    26. And finally, when you get yelled at for not being at your desk when you were out running those non-work errands.