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    17 Street Style Photos From Essence Fest That Prove #BlackGirlMagic Is Alive And Well

    Where two or three are gathered in melanin magic, we stan.

    Every year, EssenceFest — aka #BlackGirlMagic central — goes down in none other than New Orleans. This year just wrapped, and as if the food and music weren't good enough, the street style from all our melanated sisters was the icing on the cake. Here's a few lewks from Essence Fest to put on your vision board.

    1. Mommy-and-me style with the cold shoulder frill top? Girl, yes. Also, where can we get cute lil' overalls like this?

    2. This queen dropped it low in a pink and white stripe top, and I live for this slay all day *cues Beyoncé*.

    3. Simple style that snatched our edges! We need the sleeveless blazer, white pants, AND mules.

    4. Show off them thighs in your shorts, girl! *Adds flowy crop top and these fly sunglasses are going on the wishlist* 📝

    5. Seriously, you can't ever go wrong in a jumpsuit. Serve some face and some luscious braids, sis!

    6. When in doubt, go with denim. When not in doubt, still slay in denim. What's the answer? DENIM.

    7. Maybe it's the colorblocking, or the low-plunge top, or the clear frames, but whatever it is, I'm here for ALL OF IT.

    8. Posted up on the steps, this fashionista is servin' unbothered black girl on 100.

    9. This look, that hair, those shoes...Black queens queen all day!

    10. Florals for summer just to shake things up, and yes, we stan for a lewk.

    11. Styllin' from head to toe, literally. This turban is everything and then some.

    12. If you looked in the dictionary under "unbothered and fabulous," you might just see this queen dancing through the streets of New Orleans.

    13. Is there any color we can't rock? I think not.

    14. Tell me you've still got your edges after seeing this two-piece casual slay? Favor just ain't fair!

    15. And are y'all really a squad if you don't have matching t-shirts?

    16. Posted up with the bride-to-be, this squad is reppin' #TeamBey all day. Yaaass!

    17. A squad that slays together stays together, forever. <3

    SLAY, BLACK GIRLS, SLAAAAAAY! Whether you went to Essence Fest or not, drop your style pics below and show off your magic.