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    15 Loc Hairstyles For When You Don't Know What To Do With Your Hair

    If you need loc hairstyle inspiration, here are a few of our favorite styles!

    When I first started my locs, or dreadlocks as some still call them, I had no idea what to do with them! My hair was short and all over the place, so I definitely didn't know how to make a chic style out of it. Two years later, I love experimenting with different hairstyles to show my beautiful locs off.

    1. If you're super busy and on the go, throw your locs up in a high ponytail:

    2. And don't think that a ponytail has to be boring! You can spice up your look with a front overlay:

    3. Or incorporate some pretty gold cuffs to give your hair that extra ~glow~:

    4. If you're just starting your locs, you can still play with jewelry to add a pop of style to your hair:

    5. And if you work somewhere where your hair needs to be up, twist your hair around your ponytail to make a loc bun:

    6. Or do space buns and add some dope gold wiring:

    7. Or incorporate your love for curls with your love of space buns with a nuanced half-up, half-down approach:

    8. If you want your locs totally out of your face, you can do a simple cornrow look straight back:

    9. If you've got a special event to attend, use pipe cleaners or perm rods to get big, full loc curls:

    10. Experiment with beautiful bantu knots for a chic look all year-round:

    11. Or if you've got longer locs, do double-barrel cornrows for easy maintenance:

    12. If you want a super lazy girl look that still is poppin', do a side-sweep style and tie it with bobby pins:

    13. If you frequently work out or have an active lifestyle, rope twists can work for you:

    14. And if you need a quick look when it's time to go, toss your locs in loose buns throughout:

    15. Lastly, never think you can't do something with your locs — if you want to experiment, experiment!