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    15 Drunk Conspiracy Theories That'll Blow Your Mind Even If You're Sober

    So Mary DID have a little lamb?

    When you've been drinking, you may be inclined to think of wild conspiracy theories that actually make sense when you think about it.


    So when #Drunkconspiracytheories started trending on Twitter, I needed to see what people think when they're not sober. Here are some of the funniest theories:

    1. This biblical nursery rhyme connection:

    If Mary gave birth to Jesus, and Jesus is the Lamb of God... Did Mary have a little lamb? #DrunkConspiracyTheories

    2. This truth about bartenders:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories I always have to pay for a round of drinks, and my friends do, but the bartender never does it.

    3. This captain conspiracy:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories Captain Morgan and Captain Crunch are the same person.

    4. This first lady conspiracy:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories -Melania is the greatest Russian spy that ever lived,Black Widow is actually the story of her life before she went deep deep undercover.

    5. This The Simpsons conspiracy:

    The Simpsons are real, and they must have a time travel machine to forecast the horror that is POS45 #DrunkConspiracyTheories

    6. This undeniable truth:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories Boris and Natasha are really from Ukraine

    7. This oxygen conspiracy (which I truly believe):

    Oxygen is a poison that takes 80 years to kill us #DrunkConspiracyTheories

    8. This Kardashian conspiracy:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories The Kardashians are paid spokesmodels for Huggies Diapers

    9. This money-earning conspiracy:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories Put the tooth that got knocked out in the bar fight under your pillow and the Whiskey Fairy will leave you a dollar.

    10. This undeniable truth about gravitational pull:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories alcohol contains extra gravity, that's why you fall down so much when you've been drinking

    11. This conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory:

    The real reason Pluto isn’t a planet anymore is because scientist discovered it was flat. They didn’t want to open up that can of worms a again... #DrunkConspiracyTheories

    12. This possible truth about Ludacris:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories all of Ludacris' hos are in the same area code

    13. This fish conspiracy:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories Fish can breathe air, they're just the air versions of vegans...

    14. This questionable theory about vomit:

    #DrunkConspiracyTheories When drunk people wake up by pools of vomit... It's almost as if someone comes and vomits next to them while they're passed out.

    15. And lastly, this adulting theory that I can't confirm or deny:

    As long as you don’t open the envelope your bills are mailed in, you aren’t legally bound to pay them in 59 states #DrunkConspiracyTheories

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