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Twitter Is Doing Side-By-Sides Of Cardi B's Grammys Outfit And I Can Not Breathe

Yep, Cardi B pulled up in vintage '95 Mugler Couture.

As y'all know, the Grammys went down tonight and the entire world and MY life stopped when Cardi B hit the red carpet. I literally jumped out of my bed and hollered, "YAAASS!".

The gag is Cardi isn't just wearing ANY outfit. Oh no hunty, she popped out in vintage Thierry Mugler Fall '95 Couture.

Many pointed out that we are not deserving of this moment, and honestly and truly, WE ARE NOT:

excuse you, but Cardi B is wearing Mugler COUTURE from fall 1995, originally rocked by Simonetta Gianfelici!!!!!! WE DO NOT DESERVE THIS #GRAMMYs GODDESS.

Others pointed out how hard it is to get your hands on Mugler Couture, but we know Cardi has the range!:

Holy fuck! Cardi is draped in Couture. Do you know how hard it is to get your hands on Couture, let alone MUGLER Couture? WOW!!! This is a moment. https://t.co/JsO6S3nDRe

Cardi's outfit was so magical, it cured people from illness:

Even this brief glimpse at @iamcardib's outfit has me cured of the common cold 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #GRAMMYs

And one thing we love is a student of the craft, beloved:

Cardi B’s inspiration for tonight’s #GRAMMYs. My bitch STUDYING, bitch. Catch the tea...

Twitter started the side-by-sides of what Cardi's outfit reminded them of, like Grecian art (which I stand for):

Listen ... just gonna leave this here, Cardi https://t.co/TMHYN7mMMC #GRAMMYs

Or a coffee filter, which I think is an essential in life:

Why cardi b wearing a coffee filter 💀💀 #GRAMMYs

Or even how her headwear reminded some of chocolates, which, again, is a compliment to me:

why is cardi b looking like she is wearing a ferrero rocher hat to the grammys 😭

We made her a Disney villain, one that is fabulous by nature:

#GRAMMYs is it just me or is @iamcardib channeling Ursula from the little mermaid? She’s looking gorgeous as always!

And on Instagram, we learned what it's like to truly be blessed and BUSY: