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    For Offset's 28th Birthday, Cardi B Gave Him $500,000 In Cash And Popeyes Chicken

    Why are my friends poor?!

    In this week's episode of ways to make me feel poor, I just learned that Cardi B gave her husband Offset $500,000 for his birthday. In cash.

    Erik Voake / Getty Images

    The two celebrated with friends (and strippers) at HD Buttercup DTLA in Los Angeles for the rapper's 28th birthday. Cardi even had Uber Eats bring Popeyes chicken to the function.

    Erik Voake / Getty Images

    But this isn't about those delicious Popeyes chicken sandwiches. This is about that MONEY.


    “You got every car, you got every jewelry, you got everything. What else can I give someone that got everything?” Cardi said before they opened the fridge.

    In that fridge? $500k in cash, just sitting there lookin' beautiful.

    Now...maybe I'm just poor, but Offset was WAY too calm after they opened the fridge. He was like:


    And I woulda been like:


    Now, people had different things to say on IG, like this person who asked if Cardi needs a wife (Cardi if you do, hit me up):

    I guess we know money run in circles, so we're just asking some questions:

    This person brought up points, but also, honey just enjoy the money:

    Some of y'all really care about this fridge. I would too if it had $500,000 in it:

    Well, happy birthday Offset! Cardi, if you ever need to sow a seed in a young person's life, I'm around!


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