25 Stunning Hair Pics That'll Make You Want To Get A Buzz Cut ASAP

    Get your clippers ready.

    1. Women like Grace Jones and Sinead O'Connor were pushing beauty boundaries back in the '70s and '80s — and they continue to inspire women today.

    2. Amandla Stenberg makes us just want to chop it all off and glow like a goddess.

    3. Do y'all see this buzzed beauty and how much she is SLAYIN'?!

    4. Her alluring buzz cut perfectly shows off her fierce, fiery glow!

    5. What's more badass than glitter stars?! A dope chick who knows she's powerful without her hair.

    6. Slick Woods, one of the faces of Fenty Beauty, is freakin' beautiful with her rose gold buzzed head.

    7. You can go bleach blonde to totally redefine what a blonde bombshell looks like!

    8. Werk your angles with your beautiful buzzed hair.

    9. This queen is literally serving so much face.

    10. As long as you rock it with confidence, your buzz cut makes a bold statement to the world.

    11. Want to play with color? Turn heads with a stunning hot pink...

    12. ...or slay in a moody lavender purple...

    13. ...or pop out with a bright-ass yellow that matches your golden eyeshadow.

    14. Snatch people's edges with your beautiful, cropped cut.

    15. And smile with that radiant, glowy, fresh cut.

    16. Danai Gurira loves rocking a short cut and werks it everytime!

    17. And how stunning is Sanaa Lathan without hair?!

    18. This queen is literally stuntin' with her cut and I just...I can't deal.

    19. What more evidence do you need that your buzz cut makes you look dope AF?

    20. How does she literally look like a work of art?!

    21. Spice it up with razor cuts and designs.

    22. Or go for an intricate design like a snowflake to show off your cut.

    23. She shaved it all off and you can't tell her she doesn't look like a fuckin' model.

    24. How badass is she?! Like hunty, feminine power is sooo powerful.

    25. Remember: YOU don't need hair to be badass.