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25 Stunning Hair Pics That'll Make You Want To Get A Buzz Cut ASAP

Get your clippers ready.

1. Women like Grace Jones and Sinead O'Connor were pushing beauty boundaries back in the '70s and '80s — and they continue to inspire women today.

Getty Images / Getty Images, John Russell / Getty Images

Put some respeckkkt on their names.

2. Amandla Stenberg makes us just want to chop it all off and glow like a goddess.

@amandlastenberg / Via Instagram: @amandlastenberg

3. Do y'all see this buzzed beauty and how much she is SLAYIN'?!

@celine_bernaerts / Via Instagram: @celine_bernaerts

4. Her alluring buzz cut perfectly shows off her fierce, fiery glow!

@simplynessa15 / Via Instagram: @simplynessa15

5. What's more badass than glitter stars?! A dope chick who knows she's powerful without her hair.

@vendelali / Via

6. Slick Woods, one of the faces of Fenty Beauty, is freakin' beautiful with her rose gold buzzed head.

@slickwoods / Via Instagram: @slickwoods

7. You can go bleach blonde to totally redefine what a blonde bombshell looks like!

@beautyby_jennifer_ / Via Instagram: @beautyby_jennifer_

8. Werk your angles with your beautiful buzzed hair.

@rrndrs / Via Instagram: @rrndrs

9. This queen is literally serving so much face.

@vanesasvanity / Via Instagram: @vanesasvanity

10. As long as you rock it with confidence, your buzz cut makes a bold statement to the world.

@alexandrawarrick / Via Instagram: @alexandrawarrick

11. Want to play with color? Turn heads with a stunning hot pink...

@imcrystals / Via Instagram: @imcrystals

12. ...or slay in a moody lavender purple...

@shayglam00 / Via

13. ...or pop out with a bright-ass yellow that matches your golden eyeshadow.

@shayglam00 / Via Instagram: @shayglam00

14. Snatch people's edges with your beautiful, cropped cut.

@rachelsorber / Via Instagram: @rachelsorber

15. And smile with that radiant, glowy, fresh cut.

@imabaldie / Via Instagram: @imabaldie

16. Danai Gurira loves rocking a short cut and werks it everytime!

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

17. And how stunning is Sanaa Lathan without hair?!

@sanaalathan / Via Instagram: @sanaalathan

18. This queen is literally stuntin' with her cut and I just...I can't deal.

@solborgg / Via Instagram: @solborgg

19. What more evidence do you need that your buzz cut makes you look dope AF?

@shootsnapper / Via Instagram: @shootsnapper

20. How does she literally look like a work of art?!

@celine_bernaerts / Via Instagram: @celine_bernaerts

21. Spice it up with razor cuts and designs.

@katierosehair / Via Instagram: @katierosehair

22. Or go for an intricate design like a snowflake to show off your cut.

@oragianni / Via Instagram: @oragianni

23. She shaved it all off and you can't tell her she doesn't look like a fuckin' model.

@nads_may / Via Instagram: @nads_may

24. How badass is she?! Like hunty, feminine power is sooo powerful.

@queenesoteric / Via Instagram: @queenesoteric

25. Remember: YOU don't need hair to be badass.

@wolfmuva / Via Instagram: @wolfmuva
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