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    19 Of The Most Drama-Filled, Hottest Tea Moments That Happened On Twitter You Probably Forgot About

    It feels like it was just yesterday somebody was getting dragged on Twitter.

    We consume so much media every single second, it's hard to keep up with all the drama after a day or so. Even though I love a good spillage of tea, I can't always stay up-to-date on the happenings on Twitter.

    Well, Twitter user @DexHinton asked people what their favorite forgotten Twitter controversies were, and the responses are as good as they are messy.

    1. Y'all remember the hip-hop exhibit controversy? I KNOW you do:

    What’s your favorite forgotten twitter controversy? Mine is when folks found out a white woman was running the hip hop exhibit @ the Smithsonian & then all her black activist homies defended her, then threw her under the bus with notes app apologies using the phrase “full stop”.

    2. Y'all forgot about these damn chickens in Azealia Banks's closet:

    @DexHinton Azealia Banks revealing her closet was stained with blood from improperly carried-out chicken sacrifices.

    3. That time Gucci Mane went on that rant:

    @DexHinton Nothing tops the Gucci Mane rants 😩

    4. That time that girl live-tweeted on the plane and y'all swerved on her faster than an illegal U-turn:

    @DexHinton That girl who live-tweeted a flirtation going on on a plane in the row ahead of her. First everyone loved it, then the two people were identified and were upset, then everyone dragged the first girl as if they hadn’t been hanging on every word.

    5. The Zola story...which was wild, to say the least:

    6. This lady who wanted to save her man instead of her baby (BTW, what's going on here lol):

    @DexHinton The lady who said she would save her husband instead of her baby from a fire because she could just make another baby.

    7. When this author meant it for evil, but god meant it for good:

    @DexHinton When that when author lady took a pic of a Black lady bus driver eating saying she was lazy and the internet came for her and her publisher dropped her like a bad habit

    8. When that person tried to challenge *THE* Nora Roberts and it backfired:

    @DexHinton When YA Twitter and Romance Twitter went to war because a popular YA author falsely accused a Romance author of ripping off her book title, only that Romance author was Nora Roberts.

    9. This one where I told y'all from the jump something was off and nobodyyyy believed me and now here we are:

    @DexHinton when that video of that kid crying about being bullied went viral and celebrities invited his family to movie premieres then they found out he wasn’t being bullied, those kids beat him up for saying the n word and his family was racist too

    10. Oop, I ain't even know about the girl giving out her own books:

    @DexHinton @haaniyah_ When that girl published that book (forgot the title) and it ended up on the New York times bestselling list and then they found out she bought all the copies and been giving them out for free

    11. This person who talked about drugs and then got upset when the drug life caught up with him:

    @DexHinton Definitely when ol boy made up a whole thread about buying a car from the cartel, found a stash in it, and sold the car back to them and made a profit....and had death threats from an actual cartel for making the story up

    12. When the woman said she wouldn't get AIDS in South Africa because she's white, and the world patiently waited for her to land:

    @DexHinton When a white woman named Justine tweeted an offensive joke about AIDS and then got on a long flight to South Africa. While on the plane, her tweet went viral and we patiently waited for her to land. I believe she was fired soon after that. A classic. #HasJustineLandedYet

    13. Fyre Festival, which is its own controversy outside of Twitter, but I digress:

    @DexHinton Observing Fyre Festival fall apart in real time. I was following it for months and never expected for it to be as bad as it was. I

    14. The conspiracy of social experiment Timmy Thick:

    @ActuallynHayden @DexHinton This is still the best result of that lmao

    15. When Ciara got really bold, that's all I'll say:

    16. And then when Rihanna...well, got bolder:

    Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of

    17. And when y'all tried to make her the new Prince (which, btw, is a no):

    @DexHinton and she blocked him for this too 😭

    18. Just everything dealing with Bow Wow, like, everything:

    @DexHinton The Bow Wow mess...posting on social media that he was on a jet, but a fan took a pic of him on the same commercial flight he was on! He dragged for days! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. And lastly, when Rita Ora didn't break the internet:

    What's your favorite Twitter controversy moment?