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Twitter Is Not Happy With Bella Thorne And Her New Eyeshadow Palettes

Bella Thorne just released two new eyeshadow palettes, but Twitter is accusing her of stealing the packaging from black-owned brand, Juvia's Place.

It's Bella Thorne: actress, artist, and businesswoman.

Social media is side-eyeing the celeb and her two new eyeshadow palettes, saying that the product from her makeup brand, Filthy Fangs, looks a lot like the palettes from black-owned makeup brand Juvia's Place.

@yagirltoomuch Is it just me, or this also giving you Juvia’s Place vibes?

Thorne launched Filthy Fangs, a record label, back in April at Coachella. Since its launch, Filthy Fangs has dished out a clothing line (under the same name), and now a makeup line which she teased the release for back in July. For the debut, Thorne came out with two ocean-inspired palettes, each containing nine shades and a mirror for application.

Juvia's Place is well-known in the beauty space for highly-pigmented eyeshadows and their Afrocentric packaging. The palettes, blushes, lipsticks and brushes have garnered over a million followers to the brand's Instagram.

For visual reference, on the left is Thorne's Ocean Drive palette, and on the right is the Juvia's Place Masquerade palette.

Beauty fans familiar with the indie makeup brand definitely thought Thorne's packaging and shades looked similar...

glad im not the only one that initially thought uhhhhh... Juvia’s Place?

Why does this look like a Juvia’s Place palette what the heck Bella get your white woman claws off

...And they thought the new releases, priced at $50-$60, were too expensive.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this looks like an overpriced Juvia’s Place Knockoff?!? 🗑

These look suspiciously similar to Juvia’s place pallets AND they cost $50-$60. The nerve.

For knockoff and overpriced Juvia’s place palettes? I think not

One person even thought the actress' palettes WERE Juvia's Place palettes.

These arent Juvia’s Place Pallettes?

And @zlatasaysusuck tweeted that she actually would've been here for the eyeshadows had they been more affordable and not a knockoff of Juvia's Place.

i think bella thorne's eyeshadow palettes would actually make hella cute addition palettes if they made them cheaper and didn't so obviously rip off juvia's place packaging :( what a waste of an opportunity