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21 Side-By-Side Photos That Prove The Transformative Power Of Makeup

You can literally do whatever you want — it's art.

1. Show off your makeup skills with dewy skin, a blinding inner corner highlight, and a mauve liquid lip.

@yurigmakeup / Via

2. Pop on them lashes and give yourself a smokey eye like a baddie.

@ronkeraji / Via Instagram: @ronkeraji

3. Or a wispy lash with a poppin' red lip to strut your stuff.

@girlsaftermakeup / Via Instagram: @girlsaftermakeup

4. You can EVEN use makeup to cast illusions — how many hands does she actually have?!

@designdain / Via, @designdain / Via

5. Transformation? ✔️ Slayage? ✔️✔️

http://@jade.lage / Via Instagram: @jade

6. Show off your canvas with some glittery eyes and wine-colored red lips.

http://@jade.lage / Via Instagram: @jade

7. Channel your favorite supermodel and smize to the makeup gawds!

@_hellana_makeupartist / Via Instagram: @_hellana_makeupartist

8. Create beautiful drama with a cat eye and a blinding highlight.

@shristi_rajbhandari_ / Via Instagram: @shristi_rajbhandari_

9. What's more beautiful than dewy skin with a bronzy eyeshadow? A smile to go along with it.

@mnbmakeup / Via Instagram: @mnbmakeup

10. An everyday red lip is only made better by a bedazzled eye.

@mannymua733 / Via, @mannymua733 / Via

11. Show your ex you're actually bad AF with some wispie lashes and some bronzed lips.

@mnbmakeup / Via Instagram: @mnbmakeup

12. Stunt, stunt, stunt with metallics and yellows!

@poeticdrugs / Via Instagram: @poeticdrugs

13. If your friends don't hype you up with this sexy eyeshadow, are y'all even friends?

@omonogie / Via, @omonogie / Via

14. Smooth out blemishes, chisel that chin, and create a cat eye that will cut anything in its path!

@nataliya_makeup / Via Instagram: @nataliya_makeup

15. Who said stained glass is only for windows?

@jamescharles / Via, @jamescharles / Via

16. Highlight that melanin and blind your haters, honey.

@khloedosh / Via, @khloedosh / Via

17. Now this is a fuckin' slay that warrants 80 million selfies!

@kkimthai / Via, @kkimthai / Via

18. And if you wanna shine like a diamond, do you, boo!

@collegiatebeauty / Via, @collegiatebeauty / Via

19. If you want to cry glitter, CRY GLITTER.

Image courtesy of Alisara Tesyajantorn, @_alisara / Via Instagram: @_alisara

20. It's almost like the more extra you are with your makeup, the more at peace you feel inside. (Or is it just me?)

Image courtesy of Patrycja Hawrylak, @havrri / Via

21. So go! Create your own masterpiece and slay them looks, honey!

Image courtesy of Malaysia Heard, @maly_mojo / Via
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