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    13 Of The Best Beauty Looks From The 2019 American Music Awards

    5/5 stars for all these celebrities.

    The American Music Awards brought a lot of fashion and a whole lot of beauty! Here's 13 celebrities that really glowed on the red carpet:

    1. Big Freeda stepped out on the red carpet with the best brows and eyelashes. This is not up for debate, the Queen is here.

    2. Katherine Langford actually stole my heart. Between her fire red eyeshadow to the gold dots embedded in her hair, she was literally a sight to behold.

    3. Honestly, Shawn Mendes was too fine not to include in this roundup. I mean, his hair is also very nice!

    4. Kesha's makeup was very minimal, but this exaggerated dark eye paired with her dark hair has me feeling the vibe.

    5. Selena Gomez debuted this chic bob on the red carpet, and honestly, we need more longer bobs aka lobs in 2020!

    6. Halsey had one of my favorite looks of the night, playing off the red tones of her hair with her multi-color makeup (including the bleached brows). Makeup should be fun!

    7. Julissa Bermudez gave us this beautiful lilac eyeshadow that paired beautifully with her silver dress. Big fan, 5/5.

    8. Hilary Roberts swept me up with these cascading mermaid curls. Also her makeup is SPOT ON.

    9. Sibley Scoles has a special place in my heart, and she did not disappoint with her gray lavender hair and fresh face. UGH, she's so gorgeous!

    10. Lauren Jauregui gave the girls drama with this inverted cat-eye look with bold brows. Very goth chic!

    11. Patrick Starrr never disappoints and came in with the biggest and brightest lashes a girl can stand! That face? CHISELED, BOO.

    12. Even though idk what's going on with Christina Aguilera's costume, we can not deny that her makeup is flawless. Look at those arched brows!

    13. Lizzo gave me '80s glam with her bumped ponytail and this beautiful orange makeup. A glossy lip sealed the deal.

    Who had your favorite look of the night?