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    18 Of The Most Terrifying Beauty Horror Stories

    *questions ever going back to the salon*

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their most terrifying beauty horror stories. Here are the disturbing results.

    1. The girl who peed herself:

    "A girl on my cheer team decided to get a spray tan the day before our national competition. It was one of those automatic machines, and she clearly was not prepared for it to begin. When the machine turned on, it scared her so badly that she peed on herself. The next day at the competition, she had very visible streaks down both of her legs."


    2. The person who mixed hair dye with chlorine:

    "I decided to dye my hair blonde, so I went and got it done at the salon. A few days later, I attended a pool party and stayed in the pool most of the time. I didn't know you're not supposed to get in a chlorinated pool after dying your hair. I woke up to bright green hair due to the reaction with the chlorine! I tried the tomato juice solution, but it only made me throw up from the smell. I'm never dyeing my hair again."


    3. The cyst from skin care:

    "I was using an exfoliating scrub as a freshly acne-prone middle schooler. I didn't find this out until later, but one of the beads got stuck in a pore on the side of my face. I started developing what I ~thought~ was a giant pimple that stayed for months. It turned out to be a cyst from the bead and it had to be surgically removed."


    4. The labia that got stuck shut:

    "When I worked at a spa, I let one of the girls train on me — she managed to put hard wax on both sides, which ended up sticking my labia together. All I'll say is there was lots of ripping."


    5. The person who glued their glitter eyes shut:

    "I got a tip from someone who does makeup professionally to use lash glue to keep glitter eyeshadow in place. I decided to try it, and ended up gluing my eye shut 40 minutes before my midterm exam."


    6. The person who ripped out all their lashes:

    "A few years ago, I was leaning in to my mirror to line up my eyelash curler. I pressed down just as a huge spider crawled out of the medicine cabinet. Being a huge arachnophobe, I was startled and my hand jerked, pulling out almost all my eyelashes."


    7. The person who fell off the countertop naked:

    "I couldn’t get in to my waxing place, so my friend said she would bring some wax over to my house after work. When she arrived, we realized we had nothing to heat the wax, so we ended up using the stove. There I was, stripped from the waist down, spread eagle on my kitchen counter, while my friend attempted to wax me with the wax on the stove. In my head, it was a brilliant plan. I got a burn on my lip and jerked back, hitting my head on the toaster, and falling off the countertop."


    8. The DIY mask that felt like acid:

    "I was really into DIY face masks, so I looked up a good one for acne. I made this one with honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon, and put it all over my face. It immediately felt like acid was on my face. I ran to the bathroom crying, and tried to get it off. But because of the honey, it didn't budge and continued to burn. Turns out I'm HIGHLY allergic to cinnamon."


    9. The lip hack that made their lips swollen:

    "You know that Kylie Jenner lip challenge? I tried it. I used a glass, but it turned out terrible. I don't know what I did, but I had a big round circle around my lips and they were so swollen. I also had to go to school like that and it didn't disappear for three days. The most shameful days of my life."


    10. The person who burned their scalp right before prom:

    "I was using a deep cleansing hair treatment on my thick hair the night before prom. It was feeling really warm on my skin, but then it started to feel like it was burning. I called in my mom who helped me rinse my hair, only to find that it was massively knotted and my scalp had burned. I was hysterically crying as the doctor said the best thing to do was shave it. I ended up wearing a wig and tiara on my burned scalp to prom. It turns out I'm allergic to the olive oil that was in the treatment."


    11. The person whose waxer ripped a hole in their lady part:

    "When I was younger, I used to go to the salon and get Brazilian bikini waxes. On one occasion, the waxer ripped a strip off, and it hurt way worse than any other time before. I yelped, but tried to let her keep going, until I saw that the next few wax strips that she had done had blood on them. She told me I had gotten my period and we had to stop, but when I got home, I looked at my lady parts in the mirror. She had legit ripped a hole with the wax strip on the inside of my labia."


    12. The chemical peel that made their face bleed for two weeks:

    "One time I went for my skin treatment, and the dermatologist said that my acne was too broken out to have my usual treatment; instead, she decided to do a chemical peel. I was 15, y'all. It burned like hell, and I came out red and unable to make any sort of facial expression. I had scabs around my mouth and forehead at least a quarter-inch thick for two weeks, which cracked and bled every time I laughed. I had a cheer competition the week after and came off the floor bleeding because I had to smile."


    13. The hair removal cream that burned off a layer of skin:

    "A few years back, I decided to use some hair removal cream to clean up my lady area a bit. The cream started to drip from the water in the shower and then started to really, really burn. I did my best to get the devil's cream wiped off, but the damage was already done. I managed to completely remove my hair and top layer of skin — inside and out. When I tried to use the restroom I actually screamed out loud in pain. I figured out I had gotten a pretty severe chemical burn from the cream."


    14. The lash glue that got in their eye:

    "I work on camera, and I was finishing my makeup before the show. It was time to put my lashes on, and I couldn’t get the lash glue to come out, so I kept squeezing while looking down. Somehow, the entire bottle of lash glue exploded onto my eye. I tried to rinse it out, but all my eye makeup was totally ruined and my eye was swollen, red, puffy, and all around doomed. My boyfriend made me an eye patch and told me to do a pirate-themed show and I rolled with it."


    15. The nail polish that was used as eyeshadow:

    "When I was seven, a friend invited me over and told me she would give me a makeover. She didn't have any makeup but she did have nail polish, which she applied as eyeshadow. Once it hit my eyes, I ran home screaming. My Nanna spent hours flushing my eyes out with water and removing the polish. I was convinced I would be blind forever."


    16. The person who was tortured by their waxer:

    "I went to my wax appointment, only to be told they had let my waxer go. But the salon had a solution, and her name was Amber. She leaned in to apply the wax to my eyebrows, but ripped off half my left eyebrow because she couldn’t get the wax out of my hair. Then she tried to do my sideburns, but she somehow got the wax all over the BACK of my neck, my ear, and in my hair. We had to cut my baby hairs just to get the wax out. Turns out my left eyebrow has never and will never grow back fully."


    17. The Pepto-Bismol mask that left their skin bright pink:

    "I saw on Instagram that if you put Pepto-Bismol on your nose and cheeks, all your blackheads will miraculously disappear. I tried it at home and left it on for 15-minutes like the video said. When I washed it off, I realized it had stained my skin bright pink! I washed my face more than 50 times and it didn’t go away for three days."


    18. The sneeze that caused them to rip their eyelashes off:

    "So I tried shaping my eyebrows with a razor, and it went OK until I sneezed. Blood went everywhere, plus I took off about one-third of an eyebrow and left a permanent scar where no hair grows now on my brow. I should have gone to the hospital, but it was two hours away. It was bad."


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.