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Baby Boomers, What Pisses You Off About Millennials?

Generational differences are REAL, but UGH, millennials.

If you're a baby boomer, you may have a personal issue (or know someone who has one) with millennials. Let's face it, millennials are awesome, but sometimesss they can be a lot. But what about them plucks your last nerve?

Maybe you love the style of most millennials, but you can't understand why millennials dress so liberally at the office — tank tops, jeans, flip-flops?!

Perhaps you love talking to them, but you feel like every time you try to speak to a millennial, they are ALWAYSSS on their phone.

Or maybe although you love how social media connects people, you also feel that social media has made millennials extremely narcissistic.

Whatever your grievance with millennials, I want you to let them out! Leave your thoughts down in the comment section below and your submission may be used in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community video or post!