Ari Lennox Responded To A Tweet Comparing Her To A Dog And It's All Twitter Can Talk About

    “They love to tear down Black women with wide features, or just features of Blackness.”

    On Jan. 1, a tweet comparing musicians Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor to Rottweilers began going viral on social media. The tweet immediately sparked a larger conversation around targeted aggression towards Black women aesthetics.

    Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor's ability to have dangerously high sex appeal while simultaneously looking like rottweilers will always amaze me

    The same day, Lennox responded to the tweet by writing, “People hate blackness so bad.”

    People hate blackness so bad

    Teyana Taylor shared the tweet, letting us know that there were "no lies" in this statement:

    In a follow up tweet, Ari pushed parents to love on their "beautiful black children.":

    Moms and Dads please love on your beautiful black children. Tell them they’re beautiful constantly. Tell them Black people are beautiful. Tell them black features are beautiful.

    Ari then took to Instagram Live urging people to have more compassion towards Black women, as well as calling out enablers who idly stand by and do nothing when Black women are talked about and torn down by others.

    While some may argue that Ari was being sensitive over a tweet, the reality is that Black beauty and Black features are consistently scrutinized and attacked without merit. The constant level of harassment is not only disconcerting, but much of it stems from racial biases that still exist to this day.

    “I made this live because I want people to know I really do love myself," she continued on IG. "I love my nose. I love Black features. I want us to get to a point where we are becoming aware of the self hate sometimes when you are referring to Black women as a dog. Because we’re not doing this to other races. Or other black women who don't have a nose like this.”

    “They love to tear down Black women with wide features, or just features of Blackness.”

    People on Twitter shared their love for Ari and praising the fact she is "using her platform to make other Black women feel seen":

    Ari Lennox will unfortunately always be a target for disrespect because she’s a confident young Black woman that’s intentional on using her platform to make other Black women feel seen and she’s vocal about her feelings. Protect her at all costs.


    Ari Lennox is the definition of a beautiful Black queen! 😍

    And for those thinking it's a sensitivity issue, there's deeper meaning in this:

    people are missing ari lennox’s point on purpose. she wasn’t just crying about the comments made towards her, she was upset about the disrespectful things black women (particularly with darker skin) hear & endure on a daily basis. why are y’all like this fr lmfao

    I mean, did she lie:

    Y’all really hate full lips, kinky curls, and wide noses... until Kim Kardashian does it. Tuh. We love you Ari Lennox.

    Pure madness:

    y’all think THE Ari Lennox is ugly? “Shea Butter Baby” Ari???? “Up Late” Ari???? “Whipped Cream” Ari????? MADNESSSSS

    Ari, thank you for continuing to use your voice to address issues that impact marginalized communities! Your voice is needed and we stan a Queen!