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I'm Calling The Police After Seeing Some Of These Thanksgiving Dishes People Make

I have a thing about different textures touching, so please, PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Even though there is no ONE formula to a Thanksgiving dinner, I think we can all agree that there are common foods we tend to see on the table.

On Twitter, @Mekosoff wanted to know what "weird, inexplicable retro family recipes" other people see at the Thanksgiving table, and honestly, I may have to call the police.

i cannot wait to hear about the recipes you’re all excited to make for thanksgiving but i am also here to hear about the weird inexplicable retro family recipes that end up on your thanksgiving table per tradition or nostalgia or whatever.

She shared her "seafoam salad," which...name alone is a no from me, dawg:

ours is a wild creation called seafoam salad. i thought this was a normal thing every family made and served for thanksgiving next to the turkey and the stuffing until i was 18.

There's a "cinnamon salad," which sounds fine until you realize it's jello and applesauce together:

@mekosoff In our house it’s am unholy creation called “Cinnamon Salad”, and it’s only has three ingredients: red hots, red jello, applesauce. My grandmother used to make this as a cranberry sauce alternative

There's a "Coca-Cola" salad, and the ingredients together may give you nightmares:

@mekosoff Oh my god it’s almost the “coca-cola salad” which I made and was a disaster. How is jello and cream cheese a thing!

Shredded cheddar cheese...with pears...*dials 911*:

@mekosoff This reminds me of the Pear “salad” my mom used to make growing up. We never had a cherry on top but it was served on a bed of lettuce (iceberg obviously).

These people called the dish a "barf salad." A BARF SALAD, Y'ALL:

@mekosoff @70s_party Ours was "barf salad:" lemon lime jello, crushed pineapple, cottage cheese, & mayo or sour cream. Maybe both. Thankfully, we haven't had it in years.

This recipe has a lot going on:

@mekosoff Block of cream cheese on a plate. Top with a jar of cocktail sauce and a healthy portion of bay shrimp. Dip with Ritz. I just eat the shrimp and cocktail sauce with a water cracker.

Honey, what is this?!

@mekosoff Umm. Suet Pudding. It’s worse than it sounds.

This dish is called "tunies" and it may be a crime:

@mekosoff I have repeatedly been exposed to “Tunies”: canned tuna mixed with margarine and a shelf-stable jar cheese, then baked on an English muffin. One year they were burned. A burned English muffin is its own kind of violence, but a burned Tunie? Forever seared in my sinuses.

Who swaps cherries for walnuts? They're not even the same texture!

@mekosoff My ex husband’s aunt made a black cherry jello with cherries inside. I didn’t realize her secret twist was to pit the cherries and replace with walnuts. The first time I bit into one, I thought I shattered my molars. No one warned me. They thought it was normal, a thing.

Here's a recipe for an asparagus, cream cheese, and ham combo:

@mekosoff Tradition- canned asparagus,cream cheese, and ham slices. You spread the cream cheese on a ham slice then put an asparagus spear in the middle and roll it. Then eat. Sounds horrifying but it’s kinda delish. My mom gives w recipes w stories attached🥺❤️

Meatballs in brown sauce SOUNDS good, till you realize how the sauce turns brown:

@mekosoff I personally cannot put this near my mouth but I once witnessed a distant relation by marriage make “meatballs in brown sauce” by dumping frozen meatballs, a can of mild salsa, and a jar of Welch’s grape jelly into a crockpot. It’s “brown”

I'm nervous to ask, but do any of you guys have interesting Thanksgiving dishes? Share them in the comments below!