31 Problems All Curvy Girls Have Faced At Least Once

    Thick thighs save lives.

    1. When someone looks at you and says, "I love a woman who loves to eat," as if that were a term of endearment.

    2. When it's nearly impossible to find things in your size at fast-fashion stores, so shopping is more like scavenger hunting.

    3. When you're looking for your specific size, and an employee suggests their largest size should work for you.

    4. When you trust brands that label something a size 12, but to your dismay, it's really like three sizes smaller.

    5. You know that "one size fits all" never means it'll fit all...of you.

    6. When all your clothes are more expensive because people love to profit off of the sartorial needs of thicker girls.

    7. When shopping is 90% trying everything on first out of necessity and 10% actually making a purchase.

    8. When people tell you they wish they had your level of confidence to wear certain clothes out the house.

    9. You know not to bother with online shopping because 99% of companies use models that look nothing like you, so you really don't know how anything will look.

    10. But every once in a while when you DO try shopping online, you find yourself doing mental gymnastics imaging how items would look on you.

    11. When people say you should be grateful you have thick thighs, big boobs, or just curves in general.

    12. When you've become the master of DIY projects and tailoring because you have to modify basically everything.

    13. And speaking of fitting right, why is it so hard to find a bra that doesn't either ride up all day OR have so much unnecessary room?!

    14. When you have to ~test~ your tops to make sure that you won't look too chesty, especially at work.

    15. And when you wear a regular shirt to the office and a few of your colleagues have a problem with how it fits on you.

    16. When a passerby makes a sexual comment about your figure, as if you're just a piece of meat.

    17. When you know button-up shirts don't end well because you're going to either pop buttons or have those awkward peep holes that show off your boobs.

    18. You get extra-padded workout gear for support, but you end up having to hold your boobs as you run anyway.

    19. When someone says you should start your own fashion line for plus-size women and you just wish they'd STFU.

    20. You know anything moderately tight-fitting such as a dress, a midi skirt, or even a loose top, has the potential to go very wrong because they can ride up, pop open, or just rip at the seams.

    21. Without fail, you have to do the wiggle-dance-hop to get into ALL of your jeans.

    22. When you'd rather just wear jeggings all year round because most denim doesn't properly contour to your body.

    23. When you have a tiny waist but a plump booty, so you have to find that PERFECT pair of bottoms that won't give you a sagging camel toe or leave you with that asymmetrical hang.

    24. When you have a love-hate relationship with your thighs: You love them, but you could go without the chafing, especially in the summertime.

    25. ALSO without fail, your jeans always rip at your thighs or butt. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    26. When someone suggests you should go to the gym more to stay fit, not understanding that curvy girls can be in excellent physical shape.

    27. When you go on dates, or anywhere TBH, and you have to be mindful of how short your dresses are — they are deceivingly long when you try them on, until your booty makes them ride up.

    28. When you just throw away the idea of wearing shorts in the summer because you know they are gonna ride up so bad, they'll really just be underwear.

    29. Same with swimsuits because your curves will leave nothing to the imagination. 👀

    30. When people tell you you're so pretty for a thick or plus-size girl.

    31. And when they stupidly, STUPIDLY ask you if you think you'll get negative attention for what you're wearing. As. If. You. Care.

    You know what? Do whatever makes you feel badass. It's your body, so strut those curves!