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21 Times Hair Was Actually Straight-Up Art

Michelangelo could NEVER.

1. Nature's not the only place you'll find a geode beauty like this.

@caitlinfordhair / Via Instagram: @caitlinfordhair

2. Her hair literally looks like a hand-crafted sculpture. Like, how?!

@hairbyope_smade / Via Instagram: @hairbyope_smade

3. Frame this photo in gold and hang it in the Louvre.

@crowezilla / Via Instagram: @crowezilla

4. This threading hairstyle has da Vinci SHOOK.

@crowezilla / Via Instagram: @crowezilla

5. And this hair is so freakin' glorious, it's saying, "Monet, who?"

@alex_haircraft / Via Instagram: @alex_haircraft

6. This purple, textured pompadour actually defies gravity.

@hairbyope_smade / Via Instagram: @hairbyope_smade

7. And this ornate style is a literal masterpiece.

@laetitiaky / Via Instagram: @laetitiaky

8. These thick, free-form locs are truly a magnum opus worthy of total admiration.

@y4sfelix / Via Instagram: @y4sfelix

9. This style should go down in the history books next to Warhol.

@colorbycathrin / Via Instagram: @colorbycathrin

10. A slay this fierce is unquestionably art at its finest.

@moshoodat / Via Instagram: @moshoodat

11. And this coif deserves its own exhibition because, honeeey, it's breathtaking.

@jaydoesbeauty / Via

12. Who's checkin' for Van Gogh when you've got an artistic LEWK like this?

@crowezilla / Via Instagram: @crowezilla

13. This beauty's wild and carefree Afro is so gorgeous it deserves its own showcase.

@eucarinasoares / Via Instagram: @eucarinasoares

14. And this chain-link design is so freakin' intricate, not even Monet could recreate the aesthetic.

@tracibarrett / Via Instagram: @tracibarrett

15. Do you see all this beautiful, poppin' black girl magic?! THIS 👏 IS 👏 ART 👏.

@artintheafro / Via Instagram: @artintheafro

16. This queen's Bantu knots are the embodiment of creative artistry in hair form.

@werneckyas / Via Instagram: @werneckyas

17. A delicately woven style like this deserves to be on display for all to see.

@valessandro20 / Via Instagram: @valessandro20

18. These floral adornments and textured tresses? Throw them into an exhibit at the MoMA.

@moshoodat / Via Instagram: @moshoodat

19. And this beauty's textured mane warrants its own statue in the MET.

@markleeson68 / Via Instagram: @markleeson68

20. A masterpiece this divine deserves its own class on technique — art isn't easy or simple.

@networktentacles / Via Instagram: @networktentacles

21. And finally, not even a painted Rapunzel could look as fabulous as these flowing tresses.

@thesecret_queen.k / Via Instagram: @thesecret_queen
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