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    21 Times Hair Was Actually Straight-Up Art

    Michelangelo could NEVER.

    1. Nature's not the only place you'll find a geode beauty like this.

    2. Her hair literally looks like a hand-crafted sculpture. Like, how?!

    3. Frame this photo in gold and hang it in the Louvre.

    4. This threading hairstyle has da Vinci SHOOK.

    5. And this hair is so freakin' glorious, it's saying, "Monet, who?"

    6. This purple, textured pompadour actually defies gravity.

    7. And this ornate style is a literal masterpiece.

    8. These thick, free-form locs are truly a magnum opus worthy of total admiration.

    9. This style should go down in the history books next to Warhol.

    10. A slay this fierce is unquestionably art at its finest.

    11. And this coif deserves its own exhibition because, honeeey, it's breathtaking.

    12. Who's checkin' for Van Gogh when you've got an artistic LEWK like this?

    13. This beauty's wild and carefree Afro is so gorgeous it deserves its own showcase.

    14. And this chain-link design is so freakin' intricate, not even Monet could recreate the aesthetic.

    15. Do you see all this beautiful, poppin' black girl magic?! THIS 👏 IS 👏 ART 👏.

    16. This queen's Bantu knots are the embodiment of creative artistry in hair form.

    17. A delicately woven style like this deserves to be on display for all to see.

    18. These floral adornments and textured tresses? Throw them into an exhibit at the MoMA.

    19. And this beauty's textured mane warrants its own statue in the MET.

    20. A masterpiece this divine deserves its own class on technique — art isn't easy or simple.

    21. And finally, not even a painted Rapunzel could look as fabulous as these flowing tresses.