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    People Shared 16 Things That Piss Them Off And The Responses Are So Funny And So True

    It almost makes you wonder if it's bothering everyone, WHY is it still happening?!

    Originally I shared 18 things people never stop complaining about, spawned by a conversation started by Reddit user @potatoflavoured who asked, "What will you never stop complaining about?" The response was so great, I needed to share more things because we are all IN THIS TOGETHER. All of these hit so close to home:

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    1. The deliberate slow-walkers and lane-stoppers. Please, just MOVE:

    "People who walk slowly because they are on their phones, or people who stop and talk to someone else in the middle of a walkway (especially if it’s a big group of people)."


    2. The people who take up space...or can't park, IDK which one:

    "People who park on the street, blocking like three parking spaces, instead of just putting the car in one of those spaces, because they're 'only going to be a minute.' Meanwhile, people who need to park can't, and people driving down that street have to maneuver around them."


    3. Those non-existent purse hooks in bathrooms:

    "My chief complaint is when public bathrooms don’t have hooks for your purse. Come on, it’s 2019! Throw a five dollar Command strip up if nothing else."



    4. The aisle-standers:

    "Anyone who stands in the middle of an aisle to have their conversation! I don’t care that you are talking, but move it!"


    5. People who can't merge properly:

    "The entrance to the highway is a long lane until it merges completely into the highway traffic. It drives me mad when people entering the highway try to cut over before the lane naturally merges and create an unnecessary backup on the access road. It might feel uncomfortable passing 20 cars that are stopped to the left and then merging in but it’s the correct flow of traffic."


    6. When y'all don't even use your blinkers when you merge:

    "People who don't use their blinkers and then get pissed at you for not letting them over! How the hell am I supposed to know you want to switch lanes if you don't use the exact thing that tells me your intentions?!"



    7. The pricing of books which makes no sense at all:

    "The way that Barnes & Noble prices their books. Why should a taller version of a book (still paperback, not even hardcover) cost more than a pocket-size paperback with the same cover, same contents and everything? Drives me nuts!"


    8. Those quick ATM'ers who aren't quick:

    "People at the drive-through ATM who do anything other than a quick transaction. I always seem to get stuck behind the person who has seemingly come to refinance their mortgage."


    9. Loud chewers who have a special place in Hell:

    "People who chew gum with their mouths open. Loud eaters in general."


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    10. Those who lack spatial awareness in the drive-through:

    "People in a drive-through that don’t pull up far enough to let the person behind them order. Why does this happen so often?!"


    11. Parents who let their young run wild:

    "Extreme helicopter parents but also parents who let their kids run free because they have their faces glued to their phone. It’s not my job to adjust my life around your parenting style and you just letting your kid run around and tear things apart. I don't have the patience and I’m not your kid's parent."


    12. Cyclists — that's it, that's the thing:

    "Cyclists who don’t obey traffic rules. You are not a pedestrian when you’re on a bike, you are a vehicle. Get off the sidewalk, use the designated bike lane, use hand signals when necessary, stop at stop signs and red lights, and for God’s sake, wear a damn helmet!"


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    13. This feeling every parent has probably felt at some point:

    "Employers who think since you don’t have kids you don’t need/deserve time off."


    14. This escalator situation that'll drive you mad:

    "Standing to the left on an escalator. Right side equals standing. Left side equals walking. If you’re a group blocking the whole thing — just don’t. This tiny change in behavior would cut the stress of commuting via metro in DC by half. Maybe 75% in spring/summer.


    15. The entitlement some have while you're just trying to do a good deed:

    "When you kindly hold the door for someone and they don't bother to say thank you, like everything was f**king due to them. I usually yell, 'WELL, YOU'RE WELCOME.'"


    16. Lastly, this oddly specific grievance that also makes a lot of sense:

    "When two people with the same name stand in a picture with someone else — like Emma, Rachel, Emma — and call it an 'Emma sandwich' instead of a 'Rachel sandwich.' We don't say 'bread sandwich,' we say what's in the middle!"