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    15 Really Weird Places People Have Fallen Asleep That'll Make You Just Shake Your Head

    Please get your eight hours of sleep, folks

    Have you ever been so tired you just fell asleep wherever you were at? Like, you didn't care about anything else BUT sleep and woke up like, "Where am I?"


    Well when Reddit user Aimlessecho asked, "Where is the weirdest place you've ever fallen asleep?", I wanted to see what y'all be doing because I am genuinely intrigued. Here's some of the most interesting responses:

    1. "I fell asleep during my wedding. Pretty much the moment we sat down waiting to do our vows and wrap up the ceremony part of the wedding, I fell asleep multiple times while sitting there."

    2. "I fell asleep one time waiting before a medical procedure. They had to wake me up so that I could sign paperwork permitting them to put me to sleep."


    3. "In the back of an ambulance. Oh, I was the paramedic."


    4. "I fell asleep during a job interview. It was so bad, he actually had to shake me awake. Weirder yet, I still got the job."


    5. "I definitely unintentionally fucked with someone's data by falling asleep mid-study."


    6. "I fell asleep on the bus standing up. In my defense, it was a traffic jam and I hadn't slept the previous night."


    7. "On a tractor while plowing a field."

    "I was doing night shifts during the summer and decided to get some extra hours in during the day so I was tired when doing my actual shift. I switched on the tractor's GPS and set it to give me a signal 50 meters before the field ended to wake me up to turn around. The fields were about 1200 meters long so I'd get about 10 mins of sleep before having to turn around again."


    8. "When I was a kid, there was a tree in the front yard that I would climb and sleep in."


    9. "I fell asleep at the dentist in the middle of drilling without any anesthesia. I woke up to dentist trying to tell me to open my mouth more."


    10. "I fell asleep during a Wiz Khalifa concert. Everyone was so high, I fell asleep for a few minutes standing up and the crowd was so thick I didn’t even fall over."


    11. "In a crawlspace when I was a technician for a laboratory. It was a crawlspace on the roof of the lab, so no creepy-crawlies or serial killers."


    12. "Techno party with my head on top of a big ass speaker."


    13. "Underneath the car while doing an oil change."


    14. "While doing a school presentation, literally."


    15. "On someone else's wife's shoulder. I don't know when I fell asleep on her shoulders, but I woke up to her giggles."


    Have you ever fallen asleep in a weird place? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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