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The Ten Steps Of Working In A Blizzard

Please, don't make me go outside.

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1. Time to go dig your car out of the driveway

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2. Walking outside only for a pile of snow to fall on your head.

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3. Why didn’t the cancel work like they used to in college?

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4. When you try to find a walkable path on your commute:

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5. You feel like you look like a bit of an idiot all bundled up.

6. You have no idea where you're going anymore. Everything is white.

7. You begin walking like an idiot to prevent slipping.

8. You can't slip if you're already sliding on your stomach, right?

9. You try to make the best of it and catch a snowflake on your tongue.

10. Alright, it's definitely time to run home.

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