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How JK Rowling Gave Harry His Parents...

(**Potential spoilers for anyone who, like me, got on the Hogwart's Express WAY behind the curve.) Harry's orphan status was integral to his character development and to the plot of the HP series... but what if his parents never truly left, as the shadow of James Potter says, "Until the very end"? What if Harry's dying wish, "Stay close to me," was answered from the beginning. What if, they were always with him... in the form of his two closest friends; Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger... based on what we know of Harry's parents, Ron and Hermione ARE James and Lily!!! Brain Matter EVERYWHERE!!!

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The brightest witch of her age... / Via

Lets review the specs... BOTH Lily and Hermione; Passionate about injustice. Self-sacrificing. Teachers pets. Muggle-born. Perform remarkable magic. Fall for the guys that makes no sense. Loves Harry.

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