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9 Embarrassing Things That Can Ruin Your St. Paddy's But Might Be Hilarious Later

Because alcohol is that best friend who loves to see you fail.

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1. The Ugo Hookup

Beware of the booty blinders you're wearing by the end of the night.

2. Drunk Text Effect

You could accidentally text your ex's mom that inappropriate Selena Gomez crying gif joke you meant to send your bestie. Damn you, opposable thumbs!

3. Dumb Idea Syndrome

When that internal voice turns on you and makes you think getting that 'edgy' haircut is the best idea ever.

4. The Tumble

You could slip on a mysterious substance in front of everyone. Lean on a friend in your time of need.

5. Substance Abuse

You could accidentally get confused about which glass is yours and drink a mysterious substance.

6. The Feels Plague

You could become overwhelmed with emotion and start leaking that mysterious substance (the mystery is snot + tears) while you gush to your friends/ex/stranger/diary/chair. You're more prone to meltdowns in this state than Kristen Bell in the presence of a sloth.

7. Getting Drawn Into a Pub Brawl Against People Less Drunk Than You Are

You don't got dis.

8. Having an Episode of Alcohol-Induced Narcolepsy

You could pass out anywhere, at any moment.

9. Vomiting (Not in a Bathroom)


And the Next Day at Work...

The sound of your incessant paper-shuffling is drilling into my brain. Dirty looks forever.

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