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My Perfect Marriage Proposal

My fiancée and I have been best friends for ten years. Kim and I started dating in high school and while we had some on-again, off-again situations, we've been going strong for seven years. Now, we're finally engaged and it was a magical experience. She knew about a month in advance that we had a date planned but never did the idea of me proposing to her cross her mind. The details are as followed.

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On the morning of August 8, 2014, I made my girlfriend breakfast in bed. Nothing special, just a bowl of Golden Grahams and some grapes. That's just the kind of breakfast she loves. So, I bring the tray complete with a single flower. Kim was completely surprised saying, "Aw, for me? How come?" I just told her, "because I've never done it before." And it's true, that's the first time I've ever made her breakfast in bed. The first of many. It was enjoyable, I too had a bowl of cereal. We were off to a great start.

As time passed, we grew hungry. And being the romantic that I am, I suggested using some Burger King coupons before they expired. She jumped on that offer and when we arrived said, " I wish I brought my wallet." I responded, "Na, you don't need it. I got it." Although, this wasn't a very big moment it did raise her curiosity. Since Kim knew we were having a special date, that little bit of generosity went further than it might have seemed.

So, the big moment is coming up. The plan is to go to a concert and pop the question during one of our favorite songs. We get in the car and head to the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River, NJ. We pull in and she knew right away there was a concert based on the amount of people. But, she didn't know who was playing and tried judging based on other concert-goers outfits, but no luck. When we park, I hand her a ticket saying, "I know you don't like them, but we're not here for them." She looked at the headliner's names, it was Panic! At The Disco. She was a good sport and went along because she knew how much planning I did for our date. We get to the back of the line which wrapped around the entire building, almost an entire circle. The wait is fine, some hardcore concert girls stood behind us, got to hear all their past antics. And when Kim spotted someone wearing a Walk the Moon t-shirt, she knew why we were there. While in line, I spot a co-worker of mine, whom I secretly asked for her to attend the concert as well and take photos and video of the big moment. The doors open, the line moves and we're inside.

There were actually three bands performing that night. Magic Man, who was alright. The people in front of us seemed to only be there for him since they left after his set. It was such a relief because the girls were no longer rubbing their butts all over us. Kim kept getting pushed and I would yell to her, "just let me know if you want to move." She stuck it out though a bit grumpy. Now, the big moment is getting even closer. I'm not too nervous, my main concern was whether the band will even play our song. But I shouldn't have been worried, it's their biggest hit. Walk the Moon comes out on stage and play a couple of songs before introducing themselves. Kim is pretty in to it, dancing around and singing along with a few. I was happy to see she was in a better mood.

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The time has come. Walk the Moon's final song of the night-- "Anna Sun." Weeks and days before the concert, I would listen to live performances online and read along with the lyrics. I had to find the perfect moment during the song to ask her. I went for a quieter spot, when the music isn't as loud so she could hear me better. Okay, here it is. I lean in, closer to her ear and tell her, "Kim, I love you. I always will. Forever. Will you marry me?" I get down on one knee, show her the ring and her, with a completely shocked expression could only nod--yes. The people around us just start screaming with joy. Complete strangers showing their happiness for us. We embraced until the song was over. We decided to leave and not even stay for Panic! On the way out people are congratulating us. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

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We get out to the hall and hug, smile and try to cry tears of joy but they just wouldn't come. It's okay, I could see the love in her eyes. We took pictures, bought Walk the Moon's album, and headed to the car. She called her mom to tell her the news, I sent everyone a message and picture of Kim with the ring. I told Kim everybody we know already knew my plan. Her co-workers even helped me pick out the engagement ring. After seven years together, I knew it was time to propose. We've been even happier since. I could see a whole new love between us. I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect than her. The night of August 8, 2014, when Kim became my fiancée.

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