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    Proof Playing "Bloodborne" Is Like Trying To Make Your Father Proud

    Did you see me parry that boss, Daddy?

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    Bloodborne can be brutal.

    Anyone who's attempted to grapple with the insanity of this game must also know the soul crushing reality of trying to impress an unyielding, unforgiving, completely heartless father.

    1. Like when he asks when you're getting a real job.

    2. And when you go for the hug, but he forces it into a handshake.

    3. Or when he asks you something political that you know he knows you know nothing about.

    4. When you think he complimented you, but he's actually looking at your handsome cousin Bill.

    5. Even when you remind him that you won trophies in high school too.

    (in theater, but w/e)

    6. When you think he's asleep, but then he insults the show you're watching.

    7. Or when he wont let you pay the bill because he says, "you'd just be spending his money anyway."

    8. When he tells you that you don't have to come home for his birthday.

    9. Or when he and your uncles gang up on you during a game of “touch” football.

    10. When he won't stop referring to your new apartment as that "old mold bucket."

    11. And when you offer to help in the yard, but he says he can just do it with handsome cousin Bill.

    12. When you text, "I love you," and he replies, "ok."

    13. Or, like, when you want him to finally notice you FOR ONE GODDAMN TIME IN YOUR LIFE.

    But naw, 'cause he's your Dad.

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