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You Guys, Is Addictive AF

It's all fun and games 'til someone turns to bits.

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1. is a game that's equal part addictive and frustrating.

2. Your first slither may seem fun.

First time playing! It's so much fun!

3. But once you start, you'll never stop chasing that high. is an addiction and I need to stop help #slitherio

Is there a support group yet for people addicted to #slitherio? Asking for a friend... @slitheriogame

4. You'll start off just trying to have a good time with your friends.

New game for #iOS #Slither so much fun! online game, grow your snake and try not to die! Very cool #games #appdev

5. You might rack up some high scores (nbd).

Instagram: @krobloxx

6. At some point you'll have a transcendent, life-altering experience.

Top 5 no lo pueeeedooo creeeer! 5to de 459 personas de todo el mundo 💪 #Vicio soy crack

7. Then your friends will instantly become enemies.

Instagram: @slitheriogame

8. And by the time you're killed by a pun, you're hooked.

9. You'll start thinking about playing even when you aren't playing.

Instagram: @juanjosepeche

10. You'll see one-eyed snakes everywhere.

Instagram: @infante_maxi

11. You may even turn on your fellow countrymen.

Instagram: @slitheriogame

12. Then the lag will hit and you'll lose everything you've worked for.

A player hit me & went over the top of me in #Slither instead of die. How is this a thing?! 😏 Ruben u jammy mofo..😂

13. And before you know it, you'll be four hours in with nowhere to turn and no way to stop.

Instagram: @romawka_gamesman

14. So next time you slither, remember there's no scientific evidence to prove this won't happen to you:

If you or a friend need help, just exit out of your browser and pray.

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