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13 Games You Need To Play If You Love 90s Platformers

(And are a person who enjoys happiness.)

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1. If you like RAYMAN (but are over Origins), try ORI AND THE BLIND FOREST.

Rayman is iconic for its fun characters and magical game mechanics. Ori and the Blind Forest advances a lot of those mechanics and takes you to another mystical world for a truly worthwhile adventure.


2. If you liked SUPER MARIO WORLD (and are a human with a pulse), try BRAID.

Like the Super Mario franchise before it, Braid re-perfected the side scrolling platformer experience by adding a series of time manipulation mechanics. The game gives you everything you loved about Mario, with a contemporary twist on story and game play.

3. If you liked ODDWORLD (and are over New N' Tasty), try PSYCHONAUTS.

Oddworld is known for its strange, satirical plot with game mechanics to match. Psychonauts doubles down on that tone and inventiveness in a 3D world. Its first installment was met with critical acclaim and there is a sequel in development (so keep an eye out).

4. If you liked EARTHWORM JIM (and still love hanging mechanics), try COMIC JUMPER.

The silly vertical platforming of Earthworm Jim is alive and well in Comic Jumper. The mechanics have evolved (with the exception of some sweet hanging), but the humor and style are right up any Earthworm fan's alley.

5. If you liked SUPER METROID (and want a good copycat), try AXIOM VERGE.

The Metroid series is a fan favorite, so it makes sense that there have been a few new games inspired by its laser slinging, open world mechanics. Axiom Verge is the best of those iterations, acting as a true spiritual successor to the old Samus classic.

6. If you liked BANJO-KAZOOIE (but are feeling those 8-bit vibes), try FEZ.

Game mechanics aside, platformers are all about the collectibles. Banjo-Kazooie and Fez are two of the most popular games of their time, and they have their sweet sweet golden collectables to thank for that.


7. If you liked MEGA MAN III (and are good at jump attacks), try SHOVEL KNIGHT.

Shovel Knight takes a few ques from our favorite gun-armed mega-hero, with beautiful level design and exciting boss battles. It might be time to trade in your arm canon for a badass shovel.

8. If you liked APE ESCAPE (because you like to wreak havoc as a small child), try FREEZE ME.

Modern 3D platformers are few and far between, but Freeze Me is a worthwhile addition to the genre. It takes bits from a bunch of 90s favorites, and iterates off Ape Escapes weapon mechanics to do some serious fan service.

9. If you liked DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (but are feeling nihilistic), try LIMBO.

Donkey Kong Coutry is iconic because of its simple, iconic level design. Limbo brings that same simplicity to its levels and leaves you feeling pretty clever when you figure out each level on your own.

10. If you liked SPYRO THE DRAGON (and want to fly around again), try LOST ORBIT.

Spyro has a lot of great platforming mechanics, but you can't beat gliding between platforms with his tiny wings. Gliding around dead space in Lost Orbit gives you the same fun flight feels.

13. If you liked SONIC THE HEDGHOG (but still have a need for speed), try TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT.

Sonic the Hedgehog was a pleasing game because of its speedy, smooth gameplay. Tembo the Badass Elephant takes on those elements and adds a bit of action platforming to make a game that any Sonic fan can enjoy.