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    Mar 3, 2017

    49 Zelda Frustrations From Every Game So Far


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    Now that we've all been killed by Guardians about 10K times in Breath of the Wild, take a look back at everything annoying about the games that preceded it:

    1. Getting sent back to the start anytime you "Game Over."

    2. Getting stuck between the 8-bit nightmare that is the Blue Fokkas.

    3. Having to trek back upstairs every time you get pushed off the Moldorm platform.


    4. Realizing you have to beat the whole game without saving.

    5. Punching your Gameboy when you die.

    6. Hitting every single button in the process.

    7. Discovering there is actually a way to save the game.

    8. That ghost who won't shut up:


    9. Hitting one too many chickens.

    10. The 20/20 vision of the Hyrule Castle Guards.

    11. Stopping to listen to Navi say something obvious.

    12. Trying to light lamps with a stick that burns out TOO DAMN FAST.

    13. Trying to catch that ghost Dampé, but it's literally impossible to catch that ghost Dampé.

    14. Getting annoyed at how long it takes the Zora king to move out of your way.

    15. Having to carry the Zora princess around, especially since she's kind of mean.

    16. Getting the Lost Woods sequence wrong.

    17. The Water Temple (period).

    18. This fucking owl:

    19. Losing every consumable when you go back in time.

    20. Aiming bombchus.

    21. Trying to catch the Deku Butler, but it's literally impossible to catch the Deku Butler.

    22. Trying to do all the steps to get the couple's mask within the three-day cycle.

    23. Trying to get literally anything done within the three-day cycle.

    24. Realizing the Couple's Mask does nothing.


    25. Having to complete the Goron Dancing challenge twice!

    26. Trying to jump in your boat and go, but it's literally impossible to ~jump~ in your boat to go.

    27. Going through the jail level without your sword.

    28. Carrying the stick dude or bird girl around to finish every single puzzle.

    29. Sailing around the entire world to find the Triforce charts.

    30. Paying Tingle hundreds of rupees to decipher the Triforce charts.

    31. Sailing around the entire world again to find the Triforce Shards.

    32. The booger kid.

    Nintendo / Via

    33. Getting enough rupees to get Gold Keys.

    34. Then getting enough to get Hero Keys.

    35. Getting reminded how much each rupee is worth every single time you pick up a rupee.

    36. Accidentally hitting "no" when you mean, "Yes, I did understand the saga you just made me read."

    37. That one insanely expensive shop whose only purpose is a quest that makes the shop slightly less expensive.

    38. The postman.

    39. Getting to the flower on the Big Octorok's back.

    40. Figuring out how to beat Vaati's final form.

    41. Trying to kill The Imprisoned’s toes when you should be diving down onto its head.

    42. Getting reminded what a treasure is every single time you pick up a treasure.

    43. Stopping to listen to Fi say something obvious.

    44. This tongue:

    Nintendo / Via

    45. The nauseating repetitiveness of the Jolene pirate fights.

    46. The nauseating repetitiveness of the game (period).

    47. Having to blow into the mic to play the Spirit Flute.

    48. Only being able to save at bird statues, which are nowhere near the dungeons.

    49. Literally everything if you are trying to play single player.

    Let us know in the comments what frustrated you throughout the Zelda franchise...

    ...OR just let us know how much you love Breath of the Wild!