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The 15 People You Will Meet In A College A Cappella Group

Step aside, Pitch Perfect.

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1. The member who is always suggesting choreography.

2. The General Manager.

3. The member who thinks they are entitled to every solo.

4. The member whose a cappella "sway" is a little too much.

5. The member who is constantly pitching songs from Musicals.

6. The member always complaining their part is too high or too low.

7. The oddly emotional member.

8. The member who is always forgetting their lyrics.

9. The member who likes to make up their own part.

10. The member who can sight read.

11. The member who always gets a little too drunk at parties.

12. The music director.

13. The member who never has an opinion.

14. The member who is also a music major.

15. The member who cannot keep time.

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