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The 12 Stages Of Finding An Apartment

Finding an apartment can be tough. By "tough" I mean deplorable, heinous, tiresome, and similar to taking a shot of Drain-O.

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1. Determination

This will be easy. Im not THAT picky. Look at how many listings there are!

2. Optimism

Crate and Barrel here I come!

3. Shock

The rent is how much? Theres no kitchen?

4. Panic

Homelessness couldn't be that bad...right?

5. After the first showing

Mom? I need a Purell bath. Come quickly.

6. Sadness

I have no words strong enough to personify the atrocities I have seen.

7. Hunger

Pizza will find me an apartment. No?

8. Readjustment of your standards

I guess I could do without the walk in closet?

9. The second showing

Okay this place is nice. I haven't seen a rat yet.

10. Waiting after putting in an application

*checks email* *checks email* *checks email*

11. Scoring the "perfect" (functional) apartment

Bless this day.

12. Moving In

Is this what it looked like when I signed the lease?

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