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    The 10 Worst People On Instagram


    1. The Runner.

    Thanks for the screen shot of your routes! Keep posting them so I know exactly where to run you over.

    2. The No Filter.

    How brave of you.

    3. The Diary.

    Thats 6 pictures today alone. Is there a rehab facility you can check yourself into?

    4. The Repeat Offender.

    You’ve been posting pictures from your birthday for two months now. No matter how tight you crop or how poorly you filter them, I can still tell. Find a new milestone to achieve.

    5. The Throwback Everyday.

    Memory Monday…

    Time Warp Tuesday…

    Once Upon a Time Wednesday…

    Throwback Thursday….

    Former Me Friday…

    Get a time hop, peasant.

    6. The Goal Setter.

    Just dont get crabby when I comment six months later asking why you havent met it yet.

    7. The Font Clown.

    We get it, you learned how to put text on a picture. Now stop italicizing the word “sisters” and abusing the tilt shift feature.

    8. The Quotationary.

    Judging from your account you, Eleanor Roosevelt, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe get drinks every Thursday night. Tell the girls I said “hey”.

    9. The Business Man.

    No I will not buy protein powder from you.

    No I will not let you be my life coach.

    No you cannot have my social security number.

    Get a real job.

    10. The Anniversary Abuser.

    Celebrating anything besides your one year anniversary? Please cancel your cellphone plan.