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How To Make Money From Your Instagram

As one of the fastest growing social platforms out there, Instagram has made a lot of people, a lot of money - and you could be one of them right now. It's not that hard to do, so long as you follow these 10 steps:

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1. Give Your Account a Theme / Via

E.g. Travel/fitness/food etc. It will put your account in a specific niche - which you'll need when you start making money.

2. Post Attractive Pictures / Via

Post pictures of things people in your niche like e.g. palm trees, people, food

3. Post at Least Once or Twice a Day / Via

People will only follow an account if they're gonna get something out of it - they won't click follow if they're only gonna see a picture from you once a week!

4. Add a Paragraph of Hashtags With Every Post / Via

Use hashtags that relate to your post or the audience you are trying to attract - it will bring more and more people to your page every time

5. Choose a Colour Scheme / Via

All your photos must follow this e.g. bright colours/blues/greys - whatever your preference, keep it consistent

6. Make Your Feed Perfect - Download Feedplanner / Via

Make sure every photo fits next to each other in your feed - a great way to preview your posts is with the Feedplanner App for Instagram

7. Interact With People! / Via

Like other peoples pictures, comment on their posts, follow them, and even direct message them - it will grow your community so much faster

8. Consistency and Perseverance

meme / Via

Do these things everyday, and your following will grow exponentially. Eventually your follows will be loyal and you will become and authority in your niche

9. Contact a Sponsor or Join a Program / Via

Once you have enough followers and you've established yourself in your niche, contact a company who sells products to your audience, and they will be willing to pay you to advertise for them, or join an influencer program that connects you with advertisers themselves

10. Make Money! / Via

Advertise their products to your audience and start making some cash!

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