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    21 Unique And Hilarious Handmade Valentine's Day Cards You'll Wish You Thought Of Yourself

    Etsy cards are the way to go!

    1. This card by WeArePaperPlane really nails the relationship timeline.

    2. This card by YeaOhGreetings uses the subtle intensity approach.

    3. This card by wnktheshop will certainly get you some likes.

    4. This card by ConcertinaPress shows us just how sweet reptiles can be.

    5. This card by FlyingCircusDesigns isn't creepy at all...

    6. This card by TrendbyJacindaPrints shows us just how relatable romantic situations can be.

    7. This card by TheCardBureau takes some of the pressure off.


    8. This card by PersonalPaperHugs will certainly insight a good laugh.

    9. This card by FINCHandHARE is perfect if you wanna punk your Valentine.

    10. This card by MandyIllustrates will make your Valentine feel like a rockstar.

    11. This card by BettieConfetti doesn't contain any spoilers... don't worry.

    12. This card by TheCardBureau shows us that graphs can be sexy.

    13. This card by PersonalPaperHugs will certainly make your Valentine feel bashful.

    14. This card by HundredwattSupplyCo probably thinks its genius.

    15. This card by HODLONDON is mathematically impossible but that's okay.

    16. This card by MandyIllustrates is perfect to give anyone who is obsessed with The Office or for anyone who is obsessed with the the other news reporter in the film Bruce Almighty.

    17. This card by omgcardsshop really gets to the point.

    18. This card by clarecorfieldcarr offers one provocative pun.

    19. This card by PersonalPaperHugs makes sure your partner doesn't feel used.

    20. This card by PeabodyStudioPrints could be easily made but who wants to put in that time or effort?

    21. And this card by AbeGallery doesn't take itself too seriously.

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