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18 Easter Themed April Fools Day Pranks

The stars have aligned and Easter also falls on April Fools day!

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13. Play a round of Egg Russian Roulette


Made famous by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, egg Russian roulette is an anxiety enhancing game that makes you wonder whether an egg is actually boiled or not. You can see a round of it here.

16. Use a white crayon to write hidden words or messages on eggs before they're colored

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The wax of a white crayon makes it so the dye does not dye the area you write on. Plus due to the white color of the egg, the crayon is undetectable.

17. Matryoshka doll all your plastic eggs


Start with a large plastic egg to get them excited, then inside that large plastic egg is a slightly smaller plastic egg, and so forth until there is only one tiny plastic egg left.

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