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15 Texans Bravely Taking Care Of Their Pups During Hurricane Harvey

Good humans taking care of good dogs.

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1. Naomi Coto carries her dog, Simba, through the flooded streets.

2. Volunteers and officers help residents and dogs in the River Oaks neighborhood.

3. Elma Moreno and her dog, Simon, as they wait to be evacuated.

4. A little pupper being transferred off a truck in Houston, Texas.

5. Andrew White (left) helps his neighbor through the River Oaks neighborhood streets.

6. Lance Cross and his dog, Max, on a boat in the flooded streets of Spring, Texas.

7. Tina Cross and her dog, Mitzy, being evacuated in Spring, Texas.

8. Two doggos share a kennel after being saved from the flooded streets in east Houston, Texas.

9. Jonathan and Sara Pressley taking a stroll with their dogs through the flooded streets of League City, Texas.

10. Residents taking their dogs for a walk through the flooded streets of Galveston, Texas.

11. Sweet faced Rottweiler being saved from the flooded streets in Houston, Texas.

12. East Houston, Texas resident holds her dog while being evacuated.

13. Family walk with their belongings and their dog through the flooded streets of east Houston, Texas.

14. Sam Speights and his dogs coming together for hugs during this incredibly difficult time.

15. Isiah Courtney carries his belongings and his Pitty (Pitbull), Bruce, through the Houston, Texas streets.

If you would like to help you can make a donation to The Humane Society Animal Rescue Team or a number of other organizations helping those being affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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