The Smartest Party Schools In The Country

These colleges take working hard and playing hard very seriously.

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BuzzFeed mapped out where most of Fiesta Frog’s “Top 100 Schools To Party At” stand on Forbes’ “America’s Top Colleges” list. Looks like the people who party the most (near the top of the graph) know how to crack a book once in a while too. The lower half of the party list does seem to have a few slackers, though.

And the winners, for most combined partying prowess and academic rigor:

1. University of Virginia (#22 party & #36 academic).
2. University of North Carolina (#25 party & #47 academic).
3. Colgate University (#31 party & #48 academic).

The Princeton Review published lists for schools that study most, study least, drink least, and more. We compared this with the Forbes and Fiesta Frog lists:

Only Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, was able to “study most” and make Forbes’ top 100 while still placing on Fiesta Frog’s party list.

Apparently, those Florida Gators lazed their way into Forbes’ rankings while partying hard and avoiding any books: University of Florida students made the Princeton Review’s lists for drinking the most beer and studying the least, while still making Forbes’s top 100.

Not partying does not necessarily mean you study. Only the U.S. Military Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, and Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering drank the least and studied the most.

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